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Why You Need To Travel To Kuwait Right Now

Kuwait is opening up to international tourism. Get there before the crowds.


Due to a slew of unfortunate wars and bad press, the Middle East has been conspicuously off the travel itineraries of most Americans. This really is a shame, as safe and stable countries like Kuwait should be prime destinations for travelers and tourists alike. Kuwait has a rich history, vibrant cities, and beautiful beaches, and now is probably a better time to visit than ever.

Here’s why:

Getting a Kuwait visa is now fast, cheap, and easy

While we may think of Kuwait as being an expensive and difficult country to get a visa to, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting a Kuwait visa for Americans is now a straight forward and simple procedure. Currently, travelers from 53 countries can easily apply for a visa to Kuwait online.


Easy and cheap to fly to

While you may think of Kuwait as being tucked deep inside the Middle East, the truth is that the country is an emerging global and regional air hub. Kuwait Airways has direct flights from the USA and over 16 other major international airlines fly there. This means cheap flights and easy connections! Just today, I found round-trip flights from JFK for as low as $567.

Amazing places to go

Kuwait is full of amazing sites and things to do. Stroll through ancient souqs, visit magnificent mosques, or be awed by futuristic — and some would say strange — architecture.

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers.

This is a city where you can go from the ancient to the modern as easily as walking down the street. So enjoy some traditional local foods at the Al-Mubarakiya souq and then go up in the Kuwait Towers to get an incredible view of the city.

Also be sure to escape the midday heat by visiting the Kuwait National Museum to get a better idea of the country’s heritage.

If you’re up for a more “local” kind of experience, then head over to the fish market and watch as the day’s catch is being bought and sold and listen as the hawkers yell out what the types of delicious seafood they have for sale.


Kuwait is also renown for its health industry, and world class spas and health centers abound all over the country.

When you want an escape from the city center, head out to Kuwait’s incredible beaches, such as Al-Khiran, Failaka, and Marina Beach. Here you can swim and hang out in the sun in absolute leisure — just be sure to abide by local swimwear customs. The best part is that many of these beaches are still well-kept secrets, so if you go there now you can enjoy them before the crowds arrive.

Kuwait beach


The focus of international tourism is always changing, moving around all corners of the globe in turn. As today’s premier tourist destinations — such as Thailand, Bali, and Cancun — become overcrowded, over-developed, and too expensive, new places are rising up to attract the waves of travelers looking for something different. So get to Kuwait before everyone else does.


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