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Fake Vagabond Journey Instagram Accounts — Seriously

The Vagabond Journey brand is being ripped off, but I have no idea why.

Flabergasted is probably a better word than flattered. Perplexed is probably a better way to describe what I feel than pissed. Why would anyone make a fake Vagabond Journey Instagram account? Do they think it will make them money? Is it really that appealing of a word combination?

There’s actually a bunch of them. Some are true knock offs, the others are merely stealing the name or slightly altered variants of the name. One of them has like 17,000 followers and a monetization scheme.

It is my impression that this couldn’t be done randomly or unknowingly — do a search for Vagabond Journey and the entire first page is either my properties or articles about me.

I’ve also been around for a while — since 2005 — so it’s not really possible that any of them began using that name before me. Also, you check these things before starting a site that you intend to do seriously — and there was once a day that this site wasn’t just me typing out diary entries and random stories. I took this site seriously for a while, and it got me to where I wanted to be. Now I can just do it for fun.

I noticed the Vagabond Journey Instagram rip-offs by accident. I’m not really a recreational user of social media. I got into web publishing before the social media explosion, and I still feel a little reticent about giving someone else’s site free content that they profit from without sharing a cut. So you’re not going to find me zombie scrolling on Facebook or looking around for fake looking, filter laden cliche travel photos on Instagram.

But I’m also not too stubborn to realize that our social media channels are extensions of the blog, and are one of the main ways that people use to follow the content. So I engage them (well … via a third party app).

But I really wanted to up our Instagram presence and I gave my wife the reigns. She started up a channel and it is growing really quickly. She ended up being good at this — she takes good photos, edits them well, and attaches funny little anecdotes and one liners which are humorous or otherwise engaging. It’s something that I would actually follow … if I followed such things.

Check out what she’s doing:

The OFFICIAL Vagabond Journey Instagram channel

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