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Why the UK Countryside is Worth a Visit

Where to go and what to do.


Both gentle and wild, there’s nothing quite spectacular like the English countryside. Offering the opportunity for a holiday that’s exciting and relaxing, it boasts quaint villages, dramatic coastlines, rich history, and some of the world’s most beautiful national parks. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and go somewhere for a breath of fresh air, you should venture out into the country. Here’s why the UK countryside is worth a visit.

Its Peaceful 

When you head out into the UK countryside, you’ll find the air fresher, the pace of life slower, and the ambience more peaceful and relaxing. You will experience a different side of British life, one that will allow you to get more connected to nature and enjoy more open spaces, not to mention peace and quiet. 

The Scottish Highlands is one of the best places to enjoy tranquillity in the UK. It’s massive and has the lowest population density in the country, with only nine people per square kilometre. The Highlands is home to the Cairngorms National Park, famous for its majestic mountains, scenic lochs, and friendly villages with a very laidback atmosphere. One of the most incredible ways to enjoy the Cairngorms is to drive the Snowroads Scenic Route, a 90-mile road from Blairgowrie to Grantown-on-Spey.

Pembrokeshire in Wales is another place to enjoy serenity in the UK countryside. Boasting the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Pembrokeshire is a haven for outdoor adventures. You can take a scenic walk along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path or relax at one of its secluded beaches.

There are Lots of Places to Go Camping 

With rugged cliffs, dramatic mountains, sparkling beaches, and lush forests, the UK countryside is breathtaking. The best way to soak up its stunning natural beauty is to go on a camping holiday, where you sleep surrounded by nature and bask in the fresh country air. 

If you’re open to the idea of wild camping, where you pitch your tent in the wilderness instead of a designated campsite, head to Dartmoor, one of the few places in the UK where you don’t need permission to wild camp. Yes Tor is one of the highest points in the area and an ideal spot to set up your tent. On the south, you’ll find quieter and more secluded camping areas, with some viewing points overlooking the panoramic views of the town below.

Those not yet ready for wild camping can opt for glamping, a more luxurious version of camping that still offers the benefit of stunning nature views. With glamping, you’re not only limited to sleeping in tents. For instance, Cotswolds Camping at Holycombe, in Warwickshire, offers a range of unique places to sleep, from yurts to Airstreams. If you fancy sleeping in a treehouse, stay at Hoots Treehouse in East Sussex. Live out your childhood dreams and sleep in a cosy treehouse boasting picturesque views.

You Won’t Find Many Crowds

Given its vast open space and smaller population, the countryside is not too crowded, allowing you to enjoy peace and tranquillity. Even in places popular with tourists, you will not find them very crowded, unlike in big cities like London and York. 

Powys in Wales is one of those places in the UK where you can enjoy the tranquil countryside without the noisy crowd. Boasting rolling green hills, majestic waterfalls, beautiful heritage sites, and stunning moorlands, Powys is an ideal place to enjoy the silent expanse of green land. Northumberland is another place with several miles of unspoilt land to enjoy a tranquil break in the UK countryside.

The Highlands in Scotland is the ultimate destination for those looking to escape the bustling cities of the UK and head somewhere peaceful and quiet. Home to friendly locals, dramatic landscapes, unique culture, and romantic castles, it offers the perfect setting for a relaxing escape. The Highlands also offers many scenic hiking trails that will take you to remote villages and Scotland’s most beautiful mountains.

You Can Stay in a Cosy Cottage

To make the most of your holiday in the UK countryside, consider staying in a cosy cottage. You will find various holiday cottages in the UK set in stunning locations and where you can enjoy a relaxing countryside staycation.

Whether you’re going solo or taking your friends or loved ones, you’ll find many cottages to book in the countryside. These come with amenities, including well-equipped kitchens and spacious living rooms. Some of the more upscale properties come with a wide range of luxurious amenities such as a spa and Jacuzzi and even an outdoor hot tub overlooking the breathtaking views of the countryside. 

You will find many luxury rental cottages in the Cotswolds, providing the perfect place to explore the countryside. With rolling hills, stunning landscapes and multiple hiking trails, you’ll never be lost for something to do here. 

There are Some Great Hiking Routes

The UK countryside offers endless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Hiking in the countryside will take you to miles of vast green fields, secluded beaches, and dramatic mountains. Some trails will take you past picturesque small towns and villages with narrow cobblestone streets to stroll.

Exploring the UK countryside on a hike can feel like travelling back in time, especially as you pass through historic villages and walking trails that have been around for many centuries. One of these is The Ridgeway, believed to be Britain’s oldest road. It’s been used since the pe-historic times by traders and merchants. Nowadays, the path still makes for an incredible hike featuring breathtaking views of the Chiltern Hills. Begin in the neolithic stone circle of Avebury and arrive a few days later at the Thames in Goring. 

The Cotswold Way is one of the most popular hiking trails in the UK, featuring stunning views along the way. It runs from Chipping Campden and ends in the historic city of Bath, passing through historic landmarks and pretty little villages home to stunning manor houses and cosy pubs, where you can take a break for some refreshing drinks.


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