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What You Should Bring for Your Trip to the Snow

The gear to need to travel in winter climates.


It may seem pretty obvious, but snow is both cold AND wet. It can get pretty uncomfortable after a while, when you’re exploring the world in the snow, if you aren’t prepared to head out into the frigid weather without the proper gear. If you’re heading out on a big ski trip, winter hike, snowshoeing expedition, or even a small sledding excursion with the kids, you need to pack a few key items to make sure you stay comfortable even as the sun goes down. Whether you’re visiting Alberta for the weekend or searching for Banff homes for sale so you can enjoy the slopes all year long, you need to be prepared to experience some serious winter weather conditions. Here are some of the must-have items to stay warm and comfy out there in the cold.

Warm Clothing

Of course you’ll pack warm clothing on your next snowy getaway, but it doesn’t mean you’ll pack the right cold-weather gear. You may think it is enough to pack a few pairs of leggings or a few sweaters to layer on top of each other, but if they’re made of acrylic or polyester, you can kiss your internal warmth goodbye. Try sweaters and leggings that are made of (or lined with) merino wool. You may end up paying a little more for them, but you’ll need less layers and stay 100 times warmer. Don’t forget to pack your best down-filled coat, warm gloves or even electric hand warmers, and a snug hat that won’t fly off when you hit the slopes!


You might think SPF is just for the beach, but think again. The reflection of the sun on the snow is the reason for some of the worst sunburn in the wintertime. If you plan on being outside a lot, pack some face lotion that has an SPF, as well as an SPF chapstick that’ll keep your lips from chapping as well as burning.


After a long day out in the snow, you’ll definitely feel the dryness in your skin. Pack some cocoa butter or a luxurious moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin after spending the day out in the cold. Cracked skin can be more painful than you think, and it can definitely ruin your trip before you know it, so slather on some lotion when you return to your hotel or Airbnb.

Sunglasses & Goggles

Besides the sunburn that the sun on snow can cause, you’ll also likely find yourself blinded without the proper eye protection. Especially if you’re an avid skier, you know that visibility is incredibly important. Pack goggles that protect your eyes from snow squalls but also have UV protection, so you can make sure your eyes stay safe while you’re out there in the snow. For the moments where you’re just taking a long drive up the mountain or through town to grab a bite to eat, make sure to pack sunglasses as well. Your eyes will thank you.


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