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What to see in Yerevan and Tbilisi in 3 days

Where to go on a short trip to Georgia and Armenia.

Yerevan and Tbilisi are two bright capitals of Armenia and Georgia. The tourists love to visit them because of several important reasons: cheap food and accommodation, open-hearted and hospitable locals, a deep cultural heritage, easy access to surrounding natural beauties, good options for adventure travel and, of course, historical and modern sights.

Of course, it is absolutely impossible to fully explore the thousand-year history of these two capitals in short period of time; however, we have a perfect guide which will help you to visit the main sights of Yerevan and Tbilisi in 3 days. So, you will have a good itinerary to travel by yourself. In case you do not want to care about accommodation, transport, meals and guides it would be already better to book tour package to Armenia and Georgia.

So, let’s start our virtual tour!

The best way to get acquainted with Yerevan is to start with the historical Urartian citadel of Erebuni (modern Yerevan), which was founded in 782 BC. The Erebuni Archaeological Museum is located at the foot of the Arin-Berd hill and represents not only the ruins of the fortress walls of Erebuni, but also historical finds that were discovered on the citadel territory.

Next stop is the Republic Square, one of the most beautiful sights of Yerevan with singing and dancing fountains. We will get back to this square at the end of the day, when the city will be illuminated by night lights. Your next stop is the Northern Avenue that is the model of modern architecture in Yerevan. On both sides of the avenue there are expensive boutiques of famous brands, cafes and restaurants. Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater is located just next to the avenue. The building is considered the second most important landmark of the capital. After admiring the architectural masterpiece, head towards the Cascade, the alley of the contemporary art. Walking along the alley you will see pieces of modern art, which are of great value not only for the city, but also for the world culture.

After a long walk, it’s time to have lunch. Make sure to try traditional dolma, dishes from Ishkhan (local trout), Khorovats (traditional Armenian BBQ) and much more. You will easily find a place to have dinner because all the popular cafes, restaurants and taverns are concentrated in the city center. Finish the day by taking a night walk around Yerevan. The night city lives in completely different rhythm with muted colors and vibes.

Early in the morning, head to the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex built in memory of the innocent victims of the genocide of 1915. The complex is located on a hill where you will have the best views to Mount Ararat. The memorial complex with the eternal fire and the Genocide Museum is a part of the history of Yerevan and all Armenia.

It’s time to head to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The history of the two countries has always been closely connected, therefore it is necessary to visit both capitals during the trip. You still have one and a half days to go around Tbilisi, so let’s not waste time and go to the first place from our list. Old Tbilisi is the starting point where the main sights of the city are located.

The most popular sight of Tbilisi is Mount Mtatsminda, the Holy Mountain of David Gareja. On the mountain there is a small church of Saint David (XIX century) and a pantheon. The most popular amusement park Mtatsminda is also located on the mountain. Amusement park has dozens of interesting attractions as well as a huge Ferris wheel for panoramic view of Tbilisi.

The next is the Narikala fortress, which is considered the most ancient attraction of Tbilisi and is located on a high hill. From the top of the hill opens a great view to the whole city. The fortress was repeatedly destroyed and restored as a symbol of greatness and strength of Tbilisi and the whole country. You can get to the fortress by a cable car.

After exploring the fortress and getting down enjoy the narrow streets of Old Tbilisi. Take a stroll through the Rike Park, which features unique examples of modern architecture and modern art. One of the most attention grabbing monuments of the park is the glass Bridge of Peace connecting Old Tbilisi with the modern districts of the capital.

It’s already evening and it’s time to have some fun. In the old part of the city there is a narrow street named Sharden with all kinds of cafes, bars, pubs, wine bars, restaurants and clubs alongside the street. Life in the Sharden Street begins after 10 pm and lasts until the morning.

So, you have a few hours left to spend in Tbilisi and we offer you to spend them visiting the cathedrals of Tbilisi, namely the main cathedral of Tsminda Sameba. A huge temple is visible from all the points of the city, and in the evening the Cathedral is illuminated with lights to make it look even more majestic. More information about Tbilisi sights you canget from tour agencies in Georgia.

These are the main sights of Yerevan and Tbilisi, however it is impossible to see all the interesting places and feel the spirit in three days. Be sure to get back to Yerevan and Tbilisi to discover new and curious places and sights!

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  • Mark Be November 5, 2017, 3:49 am

    I remembered the great experience i had when i did a tour to Armenia and Georgia last week. I actually had the chance to see Mount Mtatsminda, Republic Square and other beautiful paces with old monuments. i surely want to go to these places again.

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  • Надежда November 5, 2017, 4:18 am

    I think, that three days is not
    enough for visiting such interesting cities. It would be better to stay
    at least for two or three days in each city. Only in this case we can
    feel the history of Georgia and Armenia without hurry.

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  • Boris Sahakyan November 8, 2017, 9:10 pm

    Great! Thanks for publishing this!

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