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What Thanksgiving Dinner Was Like In Prague

Enjoy what you get.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic- Pizza eggs. That was my Thanksgiving dinner. Pizza eggs.

What are pizza eggs?

Pizza eggs were first developed by Erik the Pilot one morning in the early 2000s when we woke up after a night of drinking and only had pizza and eggs to eat. He decided to mix them. Fried them up together. Called them pizza eggs.

Erik the Pilot does not remember this, but pizza eggs have remained a part of my breakfast apparatus ever since.

I probably would have forgotten about Thanksgiving this year if it wasn’t for my mom texting me that she wanted me to call her. Holidays don’t mean as much when you’re away from home. They devolve from something that you absolutely must do to something that you can choose to do if the setting is right and you feel like it.

Last year everything aligned and we had a proper Thanksgiving in Penang. This year, not so much. There wasn’t time, food choices are limited, and nobody seemed to care. My wife is busy in school, I watch the girls during the day and then try to cram a full-time job into a three hour window, and nobody was really feeling very festive.

Although we did get it together enough to watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, so at least we stuck to one Thanksgiving tradition.

But I hope we didn’t start a new one with pizza eggs.

We’ll get ’em next year.

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