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What do tourists see in Kenya?

A diverse and beautiful country, Kenya has so much to offer tourists. To find some fantastic tourist attractions in Kenya, check out our handy guide now.


If you’re looking for a varied and beautiful country to visit, look no further than Kenya. Known for its extensive diversity, both geographical and in terms of wildlife, Kenya should be at the top of your travel list.

Opening your eyes up to the stunning beauty of the planet we call home, Kenya has a staggering assortment of things for you to do. From witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat to luxurious beach days with incredible marine life to absorbing and engrossing history and culture, you’re never going to be bored on a trip to Kenya.

Lying on the eastern coast of Africa, Kenyan tourism stats reach into the millions each year (pre-Covid) and if you’re planning on joining them, take a look below at some of the best tourist attractions you will find in Kenya to plan a captivating trip to this fantastic country.

Remember before heading out there that Kenya’s visa on arrival no longer exists and that all tourists must apply online for a visa to visit the country.

What do tourists see in Kenya?

So, what attracts so many tourists to Kenya?

With such diversity across the large country, you’ve got a lot of choice in how you spend your time while visiting Kenya. Most tourists head out to Kenya for the incredible safaris and wildlife spotting that Kenya is known for. Indeed, Kenya is home to the ‘original safari,’ and is perfect for beginners.

As well as the wildlife, Kenya can offer tourists luxurious beaches, perfect for lazing away the days, and engrossing historical sites and cultural attractions. Below is a quick summary of each with some great destinations to look out for.


If you want a trip packed full of wildlife sightings, Kenya is the best place to go. With 54 national parks and game reserves, you’ve got quite a bit of choice.

The main parks include the renowned Masai Mara National Park, Tsavo National Park, known for sightings of dust-red elephants, Lake Nakuru which is known for its hordes of flamingoes and other birds, and Nairobi National Park which blends the backdrop of a city with incredible wildlife sightings.

Wildlife is diverse across the country with the north, west, and southern corners of Kenya offering up different wildlife experiences for you to enjoy. If you want to see big game and the wildebeest migration, you need to head west, but for hillier and direr climates with consistent rhino sightings, you’re best heading north.

Safaris come with varying independence levels, transportation, and length. You should consider all of these things before booking, and most importantly, think about what you’d like to see. Kenya is renowned for its safaris which is why tourists arrive by plane-full to see them.


From the renowned beaches in Mombasa to Chale Island, Kenya’s only private island resort, the beaches on the coast of Kenya are stunningly beautiful and offer wildlife as well as culture to visitors every year.

Though Kenya’s fantastic safari and game reserves overshadow its beaches, it is well worth a trip to the coast on any visit to Kenya. Try watersports on pristine seas or just laze away in secluded spots – whatever you do, the scenery will be immaculate.

History and culture

With seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Kenya has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and historical attractions. Travel to the Gede Ruins and see the remnants of a traditional Swahili settlement, or see Lamu Old Town, a still inhabited Swahili settlement retaining traditional functions.

You could also visit the Nairobi National Museum to learn of Kenya’s rich history and see the Fort Jesus Museum in Mombasa Island. If you’re interested in the culture and history of Kenya, there is no shortage of engrossing sites to visit.

What is the no. 1 tourist attraction in Kenya?

Though Kenya has a wide range of tourist activities to capture your attention, it was inevitable that the top pick for tourist attractions in Kenya was going to be a National Reserve. There is just no comparison to the diverse beauty of the safari parks and game reserves in this country.

Masai Mara National Reserve

Renowned the world over and full to the brim with different species, the Masai Mara National Park has earned its reputation as the best tourist spot in Kenya. Head out on safari and observe the ‘Great Migration’ of wildebeest and other mammals, or spend time observing big game – whatever you do, you’re going to have an unforgettable time here.

Conclusion: why you should visit Kenya?

Kenya is a diverse and beautiful country lying on the eastern coast of Africa. Renowned for its safari parks and game reserves, most tourists head straight for the wildlife when visiting this captivating country.

Along with safaris, Kenya can also offer luxurious beaches and incredible historical and cultural sites to make your trip a well-rounded and unforgettable experience.


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