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What Clothes to Take When Traveling to Arctic

What you should wear when going to one of the world’s most extreme climates.

The popular majority of people who get on a trip to Arctic or Antarctica are residents of large cities. They usually work in offices in comfortable conditions. Accustomed to the thermal comfort (owing to air conditioning and climate control), the modern city dweller is able to feel comfortable without any special tools only in a very limited range of temperatures. In all other circumstances, we want to put on something so as not to feel cold. A novice tourist may think that thermal underwear will efficiently protect him from cold. But do not be fooled by the prefix “thermal”; in cold weather, thermal underwear and a protective jacket will be simply not enough for you not to freeze down. So let’s try to understand how to warm ourselves while traveling to Arctic, what clothes are must have in such trips.

Down-Padded Coat

A down-padded jacket or a jacket with a synthetic down alternative is must-have for any person on antarctic cruises. If you are planning your trip to the icy area, you definitely need this jacket. It is recommended to choose a coat with a hood. It should be necessarily made from the Rip Stop fabric in order to protect you from any harsh weather. Besides, a windproof jacket worn on top will be your additional heat guard. What is more important, if you pick up clothes sizes correctly, even several layers of it will not hamper your movement.

Down-Filled Waistcoat

A downy waistcoat or gilet of synthetic insulation is another piece of clothing to take. It is a very nice and often a necessary element of your Antarctic cruise clothes. Made of advanced materials, a waistcoat weighs almost nothing and takes very little space. That’s why it is possible to take it as a reserve; however, it’s nice to put it on in the cool evening or during a cold snap.

Jackets from Fleece (Polar Fleece)

Experienced tourists recommend getting two fleece jackets – thinner and thicker. You can sometimes find both types at an Arc’Teryx sale. This set of two different clothing together with thermal underwear and a membrane jacket is great and useful for any “cold” trips. They are comfortable to not only walk but also to sleep. By the way, this element of your wardrobe can be used as an excellent soft pillow. The design and materials of this kind of products today will satisfy the most demanding tourist – the color, style, texture of the material, applied technologies – all can be selected individually according to your needs and taste.

By following these simple tips on choosing your pieces of clothing for your Antarctic cruise, you will create the most comfortable conditions for a trip and prevent yourself from getting distracted by the weather.

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