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What are the Best Camping Gadgets and Tools Travelers Should Know?

Top travel gear for camping around the world.

Camping with family

Camping could go either way (amazingly fun or utterly boring) depending on how much fun gadgets you have with you.

But then, finding the best gadgets that suit you might prove stressful; especially if this is your first camping experience. This is especially true if you are planning a kid-friendly camping trip that accommodates all members of a growing family.

Unfortunately, not getting the right gadgets and tools could mean signing up for an unarguably boring first camping experience. We don’t want you to go through this- that’s why we have compiled a list of camping gadgets and tools you shouldn’t miss out on your packing list. Here we go:

Hemiplanet cave

Hemiplanet CaveSleeping under the stars would be an idyllic setting of a cool camping experience, but when it comes to reality- it would require a bulk load of work setting up tents. Hemiplanet Cave to the rescue! With a pump, you could set up a tent in less than 60 seconds by just following the simple rule of inflation.

This device would erase the stress of hunting for cave sticks and tent poles out there in the woods. There are no parts to fix- just bring it out of your camping back, pump it in less than a minute and get ready to feel at home. What’s more? With its three-person capacity; you, your husband and your little boy are not left out.

Anker PowerPoint Solar Charger

Anker power systemSpoiler alert: you might not have electricity in the camp. That’s won’t be a problem until you remember your smartphone needs electricity to be functional. Well, that’s why this solar charger. I might have to emphasize that this is a solar charger- not a solar power bank. So, all it does is to directly channel all the solar power it receives through its panels to your device.

Luckily, with its 2 port output capacity –each having a max output of 3Amps- you can charge both your smartphone and your power bank simultaneously. So, there is no need for worries as to whether you would have enough power on your phone when the sun is taking a break.

Inflatable Beds

Inflatable bedIn as much as you would have a super-fast pumping tent; the implant cave, you can’t possibly sleep on the grass- especially on campgrounds with different species of insects. In other words, you would need some good bed.

In my various camping experiences, I have tried different kinds of beds; however, the airbed stood out. It has a flocked, waterproof surface that promotes its smoothness, gentle feel, and durability. Before I bought my first airbed, I read this guide on AirBedHub.com. Maybe you should too.

Biolite Campstove

Biolight campstoveOne of the 3 necessities of life is food. If you don’t plan on starving throughout your camping experience, the biotite camp stove might be your best option for cooking your favorite meal. No need to bring diesel or any other petroleum product along; it works with renewable sources of energy such a twigs and sticks.

You can boil a liter of water in less than 5 minutes with this 2.06Ibs device. Again, biotite has found a way of channeling unused heat to your phone. Here is how: the unused heat enters a heat probe. Heat is converted to electricity (I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary engineering concepts), then of course, the electricity goes directly into your smartphone. Again, the electricity produced can be used to power the internal fans and make the fire burn even hotter or could be stored in the internal batteries as reserves.

Wrapping Up

Spice up your camping experience with these super cool gadgets. The resultant glow on your face and body would be worth every penny spent!


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