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What Are The Advantages Of An Anonymous LLC For Traveling Webmasters?

How to run a business while traveling and at the same time maintaining your privacy.


Millions of people dream about traveling the world and starting their own business each year, yet few of them realize that they can do so without having to sacrifice their anonymity. While countless entrepreneurs ultimately refrain from pursuing commercial opportunities due to a desire to preserve their privacy, it’s actually quite possible to launch an anonymous LLC that can let you earn profits without divulging your personal information to the world.

Here’s how you can go about going around the world and foraying into the commercial arena without sacrificing your personal privacy, and why anonymous LLCs have taken off in popularity over the past few years.

Are anonymous LLCs legal?

It’s important to establish upfront that anonymous LLCs are perfectly legal, though they’re not permitted everywhere. Certain states are much more tolerant of anonymous LLCs than others, but by and large it’s quite possible to legally and legitimately begin your business without having to divulge too much of your personal information to the public. Sometimes called private or confidential states, “anonymous LLC states” are those specific states which legally allow you to register as a business without having to provide the identity of the owner or major managers of the company in question.

Not all states allow anonymous LLCs, of course, so you’ll have to do some research ahead of time to determine if you’re capable of doing it without needing to move beforehand. The most popular states for anonymous LLCs by far are Wyoming, New Mexico, and above all else Delaware. Delaware and Wyoming’s lack of significant corporate taxes lead many people to start businesses there, but few are aware of the fact that they can likely launch their company without providing a personal identification.

As working anonymously becomes more popular, other states could make it easier and legal for budding entrepreneurs to launch anonymous LLCs, but for now play it safe and stick to those legal jurisdictions which are already comfortable with anonymous LLCs. Otherwise, you may end up inadvertently running afoul of the law and landing yourself in legal jeopardy. You should also know that registering for an anonymous LLC will make you harder to identify, but will not entirely remove your personhood from important business dealings; when filing taxes with the IRS or working with a major bank, for instance, you may be required to provide identification in order to avoid violating the law.

Still, it’s important to realize that these are minor downsides to deal with, especially when you realize the benefits you can reap from being the owner of an anonymous LLC. Victims of abuse or harassment may choose to start an anonymous LLC to ensure that abusers cannot find them and unfairly malign their business, for instance. Similarly, savvy business owners are constantly looking to gain a leg up on their competitors, which leads some of them to do background checks. By launching an anonymous LLC, you’ll frustrate the amateur efforts of those who want to determine who you are and how you go about making your money.

Anonymous LLCs still pay taxes

It’s imperative to establish that anonymous LLCs still pay taxes; every legitimate business will pay taxes one way or another, so be skeptical if a fraudulent service offers you a way of launching your company without having to worry whatsoever about taxation. Ownership information is still published to the state in Delaware, for instance, but that information is never publicly released – thus, while average joes may struggle to determine who owns your company, the government will never have trouble finding you if you attempt to skirt your legal obligations.

Anonymous LLCs also ensure that those operating the business can enjoy greater levels of trust with one another; any deal made is one that’s being struck between private individuals, for instance, allowing for greater economic freedom as you go about creating your commercial empire. One thing you’ll quickly learn when reading about anonymous LLC states is that they’re generally recognized as being incredibly ‘business friendly’ states. Delaware, for instance, is famous around the world for possessing so many corporate headquarters. At times, this makes anonymous states the target of outside regulators who decry business-friendly climates, but by and large anonymous states show little to no sign of going away anytime soon.

Besides being a legal, relatively easy, and incredibly flexible way to launch a business, anonymous LLCs also offer you peace of mind by guaranteeing that harassers, abusers, and competitors can’t easily dig up your personal information. Those who are worried about being hunted down by abusive individuals or nefarious competitors are particularly encouraged to form an anonymous LLC. Remember that anonymous states are relatively few and far between, however, and that anonymity doesn’t mean that the government and appropriate regulators won’t have access to your identity. Before long, you’ll realize that the advantages of running an anonymous LLC will only grow more important as surveillance and competition heat up as the 21st century progresses.


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