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Wedding Wanderlust: Travel Guide to Destination Celebrations

The Best Places to Hold Destination Weddings


When two globetrotters or travel aficionados are about to get married, a destination wedding might be the ideal choice. That’s because it combines elements of travel with celebrations. Although the guest list is typically comparatively shorter than other types of weddings, destination weddings are more memorable for those who attend.

A destination wedding is also more intimate, and since it takes place in a picturesque location, it does much to soothe the pre-wedding nervousness and stress.

There are plenty of beautiful locales around the world, but some are just more romantic and distinct from others. If you’re looking at saying ‘I do’ at an exotic or unique wedding venue this year, here are some options worth considering:

At a Vineyard or Winery in Southern California

The weather is good almost around the year in Southern California, which makes it an ideal and desirable location for weddings. Moreover, you’ll find that there are plenty of choices available here, from a chateau winery, luxurious resort, rustic cellars, and ranch winery to scenic lush vineyards. The guests will enjoy more than just the wedding celebrations; they can take tours and go for tastings if they prefer. Most vineyards or wineries offer comprehensive packages for weddings, and if you choose one like that, it can help make the planning process easier for you.

On a Beach in Bali

If the beaches of Bali have been on your bucket list, this may be your chance to tick them off. You don’t have to be a resident of Indonesia to get married in Bali. But you do have to get a letter of No Impediment from the embassy or consulate of your country.

It’s a good idea to involve a local wedding planner, as they know the local rules better, and will be able to assist you with the legal paperwork. The best months for an outdoor wedding in Bali are between April to October, as there is hardly any rain during these months.

After the wedding, you can bid the guests adieu and explore the tropical island for your honeymoon.

Atop the Table Mountain, South Africa

Yes, this is possible! You can exchange your vows at the top of one of the wonders of nature. Imagine getting married almost among the clouds, with panoramic views of Cape Town city in the background. The setting is perfect for travelers, especially so if either or both of you are also mountain lovers.

Typically wedding ceremonies on Table Mountain take place either early in the morning or around sunset. That also works in favor of photography. If you choose this location for your wedding, you may have to opt for a micro-wedding, since the venues are often small and may not be able to accommodate many guests. However, micro-weddings comprise a growing trend, and this provides you with an excuse to hop onto that bandwagon.

In a Hot Air Balloon in Georgia

If both of you are daredevils and have a penchant for uniqueness, you could consider this option. Exchange rings as the hot air balloon soars up, and get the most gorgeous wedding pictures taken against the breathtaking aerial views of Georgia. It will be like something straight out of dreams. You will need assistance in planning and executing the entire thing, but that’s easily arranged. Experts will stay by your side and guide you. This will be a very different experience from a traditional wedding ceremony. You will need to keep two things in mind if you wish to go for this option: weather dependency and limited guests.

In a Castle in Spain

Spain has everything from ancient Roman ruins, and medieval castles to spectacular beaches, which makes it equal parts exciting and romantic – a perfect honeymoon destination. But you could also get married in Spain, and that too, in a castle. A popular option is the Castell Son Claret. It’s an 18th-century castle with historic charm, renovated in contemporary style and turned into a hotel. The castle is set on an idyllic estate at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains. It’s a setting straight out of a storybook.

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Wrapping Up

The venue you choose will depend on a number of factors, including your budget, your wedding date, and your guest list. Destination weddings do typically require more planning for seamless execution than traditional weddings at conventional venues. Your destination wedding can be as extravagant or as simple as you want it to be. It’s ultimately about what appeals to both of you as a couple.


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