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  • The Border Of Abkhazia

    I went for a walk near the border area of the break away region of Abkhazia.

  • Why do the Chinese Hate the Japanese?

    History is carried into the present as a wave of anti-Japanese sentiment has sweeps across China.

  • Chinese Flags and Nationalistic Posters Save Japanese Cars and Businesses in China During Diaoyu Protests

    Throughout China, shops and restaurants selling anything that can even remotely be associated with Japan were sure to hang Chinese flags in their windows, and many placed little hand drawn signs clearly in public view that said something to the effect of: “Diaoyu Islands are Chinese.” While owners of Japanese-make automobiles were sure to stick [...]

  • Second Ivorian Civil War Podcast with Andy Graham

    In March of 2011, a contested presidential election in Cote d’Ivoire lead to politically motivated violence as well as opportunistic rioting throughout the country. As the militaries/ militias of both presidential candidates attacked their opponent’s supporters the country feel into disarray. On one side of the line was the standing president, Laurent Gbagbo, a Christian; [...]

  • One Culture, One Border, Two Very Different Societies: What is the Future of the Korean Peninsula?

    A half century has now passed since Korea was bifurcated along the 38th Parallel, and the contending sides could not have developed along more opposing paths. As North Korea absconded under the cloak of a dictorial regime South Korea opened up to the West and is now booming with commerce. What was once a single culture is now two very different societies. What is the future of the Korean Peninsula? Can the two sides reunite, or are they now too different? Does anyone care anymore? With those who can even remember a unified Korea passing into old age and decreasing in number, vagabondjourny.com’s Korean correspondent, Tiffany Zappulla, asks these questions.

  • Leader of FARC Killed by Colombian Military

    Guillermo León Sáenz Vargas, otherwise known as Alfonso Cano, the latest leader of the FARC insurgents, was killed during a military raid of his mountain top hideout in Cauca, in the southwest of Colombia. Cano, a Marxist, lead the FARC since 2008 when their co-founder and legendary leader, Manuel “Sureshot” Marulanda, died of a heart [...]

  • Standing on the Precipice of the Guatemalan Civil War

    HEREDIA, Costa Rica- She spoke with a biting sincerity and curtness that were moving far beyond her words alone. She was a survivor, having witnessed the sharp end of life first hand. Now a professor at Long Island University’s Global College in Costa Rica, the woman who I will refer to only as La Profesora, [...]

  • The Bombing of Belgrade

    “Serbians don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow.” I met the Dancer on a soupy wet night in Belgrade. He told me right off that he was an actor and lived in a theater. My ears perked up at the mention of his interesting profession, and I began asking questions. This is what I do: I [...]

  • Bosnia War Destruction

    Herein are some photos of the still existent wreckage from the war in Bosnia in the 1990s. These photos were taken in Mostar, which saw heavy fighting between Serbian, Bosniak, and Croatian forces. Much of the shelling and gun fire seems to have happened in residential areas where people were living, and the evidence of [...]

  • Balkan Ethnicity in Times of War

    “My mother is Croatian and my father is a Muslim,” Nina explained to me as we rode in her mother’s old car. Her mother, in the driver’s seat,  was a busty blond with very pale – almost shiny – white skin. We were in a small city called Mostar, in what I m taking to [...]