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Want to Make Money While Traveling? Consider These 5 High-Paying Jobs

How to earn a living while traveling the world.

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There are a lot of professionals who prefer to work in a closed environment, preferably sitting at a desk. These people like to have a structured life with a 9 to 5 desk job. But many others feel motivated to produce better work when they move out of closed environments and yearn to see more of the world while they work. So if you are one of those who wish to travel while they work, you can consider one of these easy to start and high-paying jobs and businesses.

Event Coordinators

Event coordinators manage and coordinate between the numerous vendors that contribute to the show. They need to handle the execution of the event from setting it up to breaking it down. Events can be weddings, parties, trade shows, galas, bridal showers, and many others. Event coordinators usually work within the city, but once they acquire a bit of success, they can get jobs from all over the country. These jobs are high end and large scale events like music festivals or grand galas.

Events are always happening everywhere and are one of the most popular and progressing industries. Once you gain popularity as an event coordinator, the opportunity to travel nationwide or internationally grows exponentially. If you can establish yourself as an expert in the trade, you can have a highly profitable business.

Pressure Washing

More and more homeowners and commercial business owners are realizing the need to have their premises cleaned by professionals. That makes pressure cleaning an excellent job choice, which can be turned into a highly profitable business. It has a low startup cost since you can lease the required equipment and transportation. The job does not need a lot of technical knowledge or business management skills. But it does need a fair amount of traveling. As your business grows, your travel requirements and perimeter will increase with that as well.

You need to have the right kind of marketing to promote your business. You will also need tailored insurance for a pressure washing business. Pressure washing businesses run a lot of risks such as accidental damage to property, personal injury, damage or loss of equipment, damage to vehicles, and workers’ injury. That is why it is wise to have the right kind of business insurance to protect yourself from financial losses.


Consultants often need to travel all over the world as a part of their job. Many companies hire consultants to find solutions to problems their organization is facing. These clients can be based anywhere in the country or the world. How much you might need to travel will depend on your popularity and your business acumen.

Millennial consultants have forged a trend out of mixing work and pleasure in their business trips. Many young consultants take advantage of the client’s policy to provide flight tickets which cost the same as or less than a flight back home. Young consultants travel the entire week for work and take a flight to another destination for the weekend, which allows them to see more than the business destination.

International Tour Guide

Almost every destination in the world needs tour guides who can provide local knowledge to tourists. Even though most international destinations have their array of tour guides, the leading travel businesses prefer to hire tour guides who have a reputation in the field. International tour guides travel with groups to destinations all over the world and provide services like overseeing the arrangements and providing local knowledge. They can share their expertise so that the tourists can explore the local history, culture, and cuisine.

Such jobs are not very easy to get since they are always in demand, which is why the positions get filled fast. If you wish to freelance as a tour guide, you must consider having the right professional insurances and licenses. Tour guides have to navigate through busy streets and historical destinations while making sure that the tourists follow safely. Good communication skills are one of the key requirements, along with friendly behavior and strong knowledge.

Construction Managers

If you have a degree in civil engineering or architecture, you can consider a job as a  construction manager. Construction managers are responsible for managing the construction works involved with building new structures such as roads, residences, bridges, tunnels, and such others. They need to ensure that the project runs according to the projected timeline and gets completed by the deadline. They are also responsible for the supervision of workers and the management of the finances for the project. Since construction is an industry with high market demands, construction managers have to manage more than one project at a time in various locations. Construction managers have to travel quite a lot as they need to visit each site to oversee the job.


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