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Visiting South Africa – what do you need to know?

How you can travel in South Africa.

South Africa

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of South Africa. Probably a safari trip, right? It’s only one of the charms available in the region, so it goes without saying that visiting South Africa should be on the top of your traveling list. Before you go, check out those tips gathered here to make your trip easy and as pleasant as possible.

Yes, you can afford it

Organizing a trip to South Africa is not as expensive as you might think. Generally, one of the most expensive parts of the whole journey is getting there. Airplane tickets can really shake up your wallet. Once you get to South Africa, however, the majority of attractions are at affordable prices (famous safari trips excluded, sadly). Food, souvenirs, transport, and all that are cheaper compared to Western prices. The currency in South Africa is Rand (ZAR). For visitors from Europe or America, the exchange rates are quite favorable.

You can travel to South Africa on a budget, but if you have some more money to spend, you will definitely have a chance to do so. One of the most popular attractions is the already-mentioned safari trip. It’s also at the top of the list when it comes to the high costs of entertainment. Still, a safari trip is an incomparable experience and a possibility to go through something so extraordinary. 

As we’re talking about money…

You might be used to paying with your credit card everywhere you go, but when visiting South Africa, try to have at least part of your money in cash. The majority of shops and restaurants accept credit cards, but it’s always better to be prepared for every possibility. When you’re paying with a credit card, remember that you shouldn’t let the card out of your sight. Always demand to bring the card machine to you or follow a person who takes the card.

Be careful whenever you’re searching for new adventures and entertainment. Make sure that an offer or service is valid, legal, and does not support anything disreputable. Whether you’re booking a safari trip, a tour around town, or wine tasting, check out the company beforehand. The same applies to other ways of having fun, like partying. Gambling in South Africa is generally illegal, but you can play online on offshore platforms, like casinos.co.za. It’s an example of a safe site that lists the best and secure online options to gamble a bit when in South Africa.

Safety first

You already know that you should be careful with your money, but in South Africa, it’s better to be vigilant everywhere and all the time. The place is beautiful, you should visit it if you can, but what you need to know is that crime rates are alarming. The majority of violations include petty thefts, but there are also robberies and car stealing. A few crucial tips would be:

Always be aware of what is happening around you.

Avoid walking around on your own, and definitely don’t do that at night.

Never leave any of your belongings unattended.

Protect your valuable possessions, such as a camera.

These are just basic tips, but you can find much more information even on travel.state.gov on how to take care of yourself and what to be aware of. 

When it comes to safety, it’s advisable to take every possible precaution to keep yourself safe and secure. That’s why you need travel insurance. If you’re wondering if you should pay for it – the answer is a definite yes!

Visa, adapters – what do you need?

Generally, it’s highly possible that you do need a visa to travel to South Africa, so make sure to check all the requirements on dha.gov.za. Don’t forget to find out if certain vaccinations are necessary for the region you’re traveling from.

What about adapters? It depends on your home country. If you’re traveling from the UK, South Korea, or Australia, you rather not need to worry. In other cases, buy a travel adapter. If you’re not sure whether you will really need it – as always, check beforehand.

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