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  • Date Calculator Tool to Check When Visas Expire

    Ever find yourself counting up the little squares on a calendar or trying to compute dates in your head to figure out what day your visa runs out? I have, it’s irritating and easy to screw up. In one big blunder I miscalculated the days I was in Mexico one year and ended up overstaying [...]

  • How to Marry a UK Citizen and Get an EU Passport

    If I marry a British citizen can I get an EU passport and open a business in France? Yes, if you’re an EU citizen you can set up business in any other EU country. EU citizen can stay for as long as they want in any other EU country. To get married to a UK [...]

  • Check Passport Stamps Before Clearing Immigration Travel Tip

    I run a travel question and answer service on Vagabondjourney.com, through which I’m able to gauge current trends in travel problems and difficulties that people are having on the road. Generally, there are two types of questions that come into me through this service: 1) Questions that people have when planning their trip, and 2) [...]

  • South Korea Visas Explained

    Over the past few years the requirements to obtain work visas for South Korea have increased. Cases of sexual abuse among children, falsified college degrees, and foreigner crime are purportedly to blame for the South Korean Immigration Ministry’s tightening on its grasp of teaching visas in particular. If you are not of Korean blood or [...]

  • Extending a Colombian Tourist Visa in Cartagena

    Upon arrival, most tourists receive 60 day visas to Colombia. If you sweet talk the immigration official, you can sometimes get 90 days; if they don’t like your face it is not unheard of to receive 30 days. Luckily, these tourist visas are not difficult to extend, and can be done so over and over [...]

  • Returning to Italy After Overstaying a Visa

    Can I return to Italy after overstaying my visa and only being out of the Schengen zone for two weeks? First off, it is very easy for immigration officials to tell if you overstayed your visa, when you exited, and when you are permitted to return. This is what they do all day. The question [...]

  • Colombia Visa

    Do you need a visa to enter Colombia? Travelers from the USA, Canada, Australia, western Europe, Bhutan, South Africa, the Philippines, South Korea, Honduras, Panama, and Japan do not require a pre-arranged visa to enter Colombia. Most travelers from these countries are given 60 days upon arrival.

  • Iceland Visa

    Although not yet a part of the European Union, Iceland is a part of the dreaded Schengen immigration zone. This means that travelers from the USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia are only given 90 days to visit Iceland and the 24 other countries of the region, and visitors from other countries are often given less time.

  • Belgium Visa

    Belgium is part of the Schengen Zone, which means that your visa for Belgium is good for all of the countries in the immigration group and vice versa. So time spent in France will count towards your total in Belgium etc…

  • How to Get A European Self-Employment Residency Permit

    How can I get European self-employment residency permit? Although most of the countries in Europe are part of larger political/ immigration federations (such as the EU and Schengen) residency of foreign nationals is still a matter of each individual country’s jurisdiction. Likewise, the difficulty scale of obtaining residency between each country varies: some are vastly easier [...]