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Virtual Travel Agent – Planning your next holiday from home in 2021

How to get ready to start traveling again.


Aside from the lucky few who have been able to safely travel abroad whilst adhering to restrictions, or perhaps those that have been caught on holiday and thus have been sticking it out away from home, most of us have had our holiday plans brought to a complete standstill over the last twelve months (at least!). Still, as the vaccines continue to be rolled out globally, and lockdown restrictions seem to be closer to actually happening, that doesn’t mean that we can’t plan our next adventures in advance!

Thinking of where to go on your next adventure when restrictions are finally lifted? To help get you inspired, here are a couple of unique ideas on how to plan your next holiday from home in 2021.

Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

Sure, you might not be able to go very far outside of your own home at the moment depending on your area’s lockdown restrictions, perhaps nipping to the shop or out for a walk each day to get some fresh air. However, with a range of technology at your disposal, there are some alternative routes you can take to give you an immersive look at where you might want to explore next.

Take a look at what property investment company RWinvest have been doing throughout the pandemic for inspiration. The property investment landscape has continued to develop and offer opportunities in spite of the pandemic we find ourselves in, and so the company has been utilising ‘virtual viewings’ in lieu of their traditional in-person meeting. This way, investors wanting to purchase a property can have a look at it in a different way rather than being stuck in the dark from home.

Travel agents are often doing the same thing with holidays, and if you want to get a first-person perspective look at the area you’re thinking of visiting next, you can easily use a cheap VR headset setup to explore different corners of the world in an instant using tools such as Google Maps. If you don’t have a virtual reality headset available to play around with, not to worry. You can still use your smartphone’s built-in gyroscope to explore places in a first-person view!

Getting a good deal

Again, as restrictions begin to lift and more travel options become available, plenty of companies are starting to offer cheap flights and travel packages as an incentive to get you back out and exploring. Unless you’ve got somewhere specific in mind that you’d like to visit on holiday when things have gone back to normal, you might be able to drop onto an incredible deal by keeping your eye in certain spots and your ear to the floor on all the latest deals.

One specific example of a mailing list you can join for free is Jack’s Flight Club, which will send you regular updates straight to your inbox on cheap outbound/return flights you can get to all four corners of the earth. If you can act fast and don’t mind going somewhere sporadically at the drop of a hat, then these sorts of deals can be absolutely perfect for those with adventure in their heart. Of course, make sure you’ve checked that local restrictions pertaining to the trip in question have been cleared/lifted before you commit financially!

Plan a course of action

Got a specific country or even a particular city that you’ve already got your sights set on exploring in the (hopefully) near future? A good way to get excited and to make sure that you’re squeezing every bit of time out of the trip when you finally go on it is to go over everything that you want to do, and plan out your timings and itinerary perfectly. Depending on how soon you’re travelling, you might also want to make sure what rules and hurdles might be put in place by the pandemic. A certain attraction that you’re interested in going to, for example, might be shut down or only open temporarily. Good luck, and have a safe trip!


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