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Virtual Travel: A Trend During a Pandemic

Virtual travel is a modern trend during a pandemic. Do you want to know what it is? Here you can find the best virtual tourism options. Check this out.


The modern world has changed a lot during the pandemic. A few years ago, travel was a great vacation option and an opportunity to see new countries. But the Coronavirus has made international air travel almost impossible. Many countries are closed for quarantine, and travelers are forced to accept many restrictions and limitations.

Does this mean that an ordinary person will no longer be able to see the wonders of nature or the masterpieces of world architecture? No, there is an alternative for tourists. You do not need to spend money on air travel and risk your health. Now you can count on virtual travels.

What Is Virtual Traveling?

People are used to the fact that Internet technologies have become a part of everyday life. We are no longer surprised by mobile gadgets or space rocket launches. Any purchases can be made online. Even students can easily find a reliable MBA essay service to order papers. So what is virtual traveling? This is an opportunity to see other countries, wonders of the world, and art objects without leaving home.

Many art galleries and museums have created virtual tours to see various exhibits, paintings, and historical artifacts. Special 360-degree cameras are used to make a 3D space, taking a large number of high-resolution images.

Once all the pictures are linked together, a virtual map of the location is created. Let’s say you’ve always wanted to visit the Louvre or The National Art Center in Tokyo. All you need to do is select a location and operate a few keys to navigate corridors and exhibition halls. In doing so, you can look around, up and down.

VR Tours

Modern technologies have reached a level where virtual reality is available to almost everyone. It is enough to buy or rent an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift kit to immerse yourself in the world of virtual tourism. Simulation technology allows you to view landscapes, streets, or landmarks simply by wearing a virtual reality helmet. As a digital tourist, you can travel around a specific area, rotate the camera to the desired angle, and experience the effect of being anywhere in the world.

Google Arts & Culture

Google supported the global trend and developed a virtual tourism application. Anyone can download this application for free and learn a lot about museums, exhibitions, and the wonders of the world. The app contains special virtual tours, descriptions of various historical artifacts and photographs.

Could such an application replace regular tourism and international travel? It is a good topic for a critical analysis essay. Many students are on self-isolation, and such a task would be interesting for them. But how to write a critical analysis essay? Well, you can Google that question later. First, you should enjoy great landscapes or art in a virtual space.

Immersive Videos

360-degree videos became popular long before the pandemic. A few years ago, this technology was mainly of interest to enthusiasts. But now, this is one of the few opportunities to see the world. Virtual tours are an interesting feature, but they require preliminary simulation and the creation of many frames. 360-degree videos work a little differently.

The essence of such video recording is that the camera captures all the space around the operator. This is why you can use keys, a computer mouse, or a touch screen to control the visual stream. Let’s say you’re watching a video created by a climber. Imagine how exciting it is! You can feel like a fearless person climbing Mount Everest on a steep slope.

The main advantage is that you don’t even have to pay for this kind of entertainment. Open YouTube and enter the search query. Thanks to this website, you can find yourself at a concert by your favorite musical group, in another city, or on a space station. The filming technology allows you to immerse yourself in the world of virtual tourism from the first person.

Video Calls

Many people travel around the world to meet friends or family members. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made this type of tourism inaccessible to modern tourists. Some countries are closed now. In this case, video calling apps will help you. Download Zoom, Skype, Viber, or any other application. Just a few clicks, and you can see your friends and family.

Since the mobile Internet is no longer a problem for many countries, you can communicate with those who are dear to you and travel in the virtual space. Your friends or family can move around the streets, showing you different cities, natural landscapes, and landmarks. These virtual tours are not a substitute for a regular walk but don’t forget about the pandemic.

Final Words

The Coronavirus has made life difficult for many tourists. At the moment, travel around the world is very limited. However, you can always take advantage of modern technology to see sights and beautiful places worldwide. Even after tackling the pandemic, virtual tourism will remain popular. This is a relatively easy and affordable way to see anything outside of your home country.


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