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Vape Terms for Beginners 

All over the world vaping is becoming more popular. However, the terminology is new for those who are not familiar with it.

As you travel around the world you can’t help but notice how vaping is growing in popularity. Where people were once sucking down cigarettes they are now vaping. However, when you’re new to the world of vaping, terms that people throw around or websites use to classify their products are often confusing and hard to keep straight. In fact, learning the lingo is often harder than learning to use an e-cigarette. If you are struggling to remember or figure out what all the jargon means, here are a few key terms to know.


Generally, numbers give you information about the size and power of a battery, like 16340, or the kind of atomizer, like 306 or 510. Battery sizes that begin with 18 tend to be the most popular.

Important Terms

This list is not exhaustive, but these terms are some of the most important and frequently used in the vaping industry and by vapers themselves.

Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) – Otherwise known as a mod, an APV is a reusable unit that holds a replaceable or rechargeable battery and often has customizable features, like CCell Vapes.

Atomizer – The atomizer holds the heating elements of an e-cigarette, which are the coil and wick.

Box Mod – These are typically larger mods capable of holding more powerful batteries and allow you to customize your favorite functions without assembling it on your own.

Dripping – Dripping is a method of refilling the e-liquid in a mod or device by putting individual drops directly onto the coil in the atomizer.

Dry Herb Vaporizer – A dry herb vaporizer is different from a normal e-cigarette in that it uses dry flower and herb to produce vapor rather than a liquid.

E-liquid – Also known as “e-juice,” this is the liquid that goes into the e-cigarette and is vaporized in the atomizer to become an inhalable substance.

mAh – This abbreviation means milliamp hour. A higher mAh means a battery can store more power and go longer between charges.

Off to a Good Start

While the terms above aren’t everything you want to know, they give you a good base knowledge of what you’ll see when you begin shopping for one of your first e-cigarettes. The more you experience, the more naturally you’ll pick up other new terms, and for all things vaping visit vape shop online.

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