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Vagabond Journey Now on Kindle

The Vagabond Journey Travelogue is now available on Kindle. Subscribe for only $.99 per month!

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Vagabond Journey on KindleI’m excited to announce that the VagabondJourney.com travelogue is now available on Kindle. For just $.99 per month, you can get all the travel stories, tips, gear reviews, and manic digressions on our life and times automatically delivered to your Kindle reading device each and every day.

All you need to do is subscribe and do nothing more: the articles will then start rolling in on their own and will be available for you to read whenever, wherever. The delivery system works like it does for books, so you all you need to do is connect via WIFI or 3G, and the blog will automatically appear in your collection. Also, like with books, don’t need an internet connection to read the articles, so you can read at your convenience.

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All text and photos are rendered on the Kindle screen as they are on the website, the RSS feed, and in the email digest, and I must admit that they look great. As of now, this is probably the optimal way to read Vagabond Journey: the Kindle screen is designed for easy reading, and I know that it is far more comfortable for the eyes and body to read on one of these devices than a computer. So you can easily stave off fatigue when caught in the middle of another of my endless 6,000 word diatribes 🙂

Vagabond Journey on Kindle

Vagabond Journey on Kindle

The only downside is if you have a Kindle Fire ($199) it is not capable for reading blogs from the Amazon newstand.

If you’re interested in having Vagabond Journey delivered automatically to your Kindle you can do so for only $.99 per month.

Subscribe to Vagabond Journey on Kindle

There are now four ways to read Vagabond Journey:

  • Online- You can keep coming to this travelogue and reading online.
  • Kindle- This is probably the best option for really reading the articles on this blog.
  • Email- Sign up to receive Vagabond Journey in your email.
  • RSS- Subscribe to our RSS Feed.

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