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Vagabond Fieldnotes

These are the field notes from my continuous vagabond journey around the world. Herein are tricks, grafts, and strategies that could be of use to the traveler. All hostels, hotels, or restaurants that I include in here I highly recommend, as they are probably really cheap or else provide some other sort of solace for the hardened and gristled vagabond. These are my field notes.


These field notes are meant to work in two ways:

1. They are meant to be found in organic searches for travelers who are searching for specific travel information.
2. They are meant to be written down in travel notebooks for reference when you get near the source of the information.

The field notes are sometimes published on Vagabond, which uses a Blogger template, and the individual pages are linked from this site. I do this for reasons of brevity, as I usually must pay for internet time by the hour while traveling.

The Fieldnotes:  

* Costa Rica Honduras * Mexico * Morocco * Panama * Portugal * Comments from Other Travelers *

Costa Rica:
Bartering in Costa Rica- Advice on how to barter for goods and hotel rooms in Costa Rica- You don't. Haggling for goods and services is not common here.
How to get to Uvita and Sleep on the Beach for Free- A short guide on how to take the bus to the beach town of Uvita, Costa Rica and get to the beach without losing $6.
How to get to Guayabo Archaeology site- Information on how to get to and back from Parque National Guayabo near Turrialba in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica.
Manuel Antonio- Stay Away from Manuel Antonio- A warning to avoid the town of Manuel Antonio, as it is a tourist trap with few available resources for the vagabond.
How to get to Monte de la Cruz- Information on how to get to and back from Monte de la Cruz, which is a great escape from San Jose or Heredia.
Heredia- Eat at Universidad National de Costa Rica- Cheap food is always available at university cafeterias. Use them! This is information on how to get to the cafeteria at the National University of Costa Rica in Heredia.
Border Crossing with Panama- Information on how to cross the border between Costa Rica and Panama. This is for the border between Sixaola and Guabito.

Copan Ruinas Vagabond Travel Guide- This is a short guide with a map that provides directions to cheap places to eat and sleep in what is otherwise an expensive town. Enjoy.

Mexico City- Free wireless code for the Mexico City Airport- This is the wireless code to access the internet for free in the business/ restaurant section of the airport in Mexico City.

Rabat- Hotel al-Maghrib al-Jadid- Decently priced place to stay in the ancient medina of Rabat. There are many places to stay in this area, some of which are cheaper.
Rabat- Hotel de Marrakech- Great place to stay in the Rabat medina with pink painted walls and a friendly manager. There are other places to stay that are around this hotel that may be a little cheaper, but they are not that much cheaper. This place is good.
Casablanca- Hotel Foucauld- Nothing to brag about cheapish hotel in Casablanca. Near to Casa Port station. 
Casablanca- International Youth Hostel- OK place. Cheap beds. Funny hostel rules. One manager that works there is a real grump.

Border Crossing with Costa Rica- Information on how to cross the border between Costa Rica and Panama. This is for the border between Sixaola and Guabito.
Playa Gorgona Hotel, Virgen del Carmen- The cheapest sleeping option, other than camping on the beach, in Playa Gorgona, near Panama City.. 

Lisbon- Stay Away from Lisbon (Oeiras) Youth Hostel- A warning to avoid expensive accomodation with hassles. Stay in Bairro Alto for the same price.
Vila Nova de Milfontes- Casa Amerela Guest House- Great place to stay in Vila Nova de Milfontes. Run by a traveler, can bargin for prices.

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