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Vaccine Passports And The New Age Of Travel

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ASTORIA, NYC- The age of the vaccine passport has officially begun. On April 25th, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced that US travelers looking to enter the EU would need to show proof of a C19 inoculation. As of now, analog proof will suffice, but eventually it will be standardized and digitized.

Maybe this is the end. Maybe we are on our way out of this “pandemic” and in a few years hostel bars will be privy to conversations that start with, “Do you remember when we used to have to show our vaccine passport to travel?”

Maybe this is just the beginning:

Passport? Check. Visas? Check. Vaccine passport? Check.

The list of countries accepting vaccine passports are growing. Besides the EU: Thailand, Bulgaria, Malta, Romania, Montenegro, Georgia, Lebanon, Belize, Ecuador, China. Denmark has its Coronapas app, Israel has its Green Pass, Estonia has its VaccineGuard app, and NY State has its Excelsior Pass. Meanwhile, the International Air Travel Association (IATA) has designed a travel app that connects with government databases to verify passenger’s vaccine status that’s now being tested by 23 airlines. Before selecting a travel destination, we now need to ask ourselves: Do I need a vaccine passport to go there?

The media and pharmaceutical propaganda machine are trying to spin these new proof of vaccine requirements as being something normal in the world of travel, that we’ve always needed to show proof of vaccination status to travel and these Covid vaccine passports are noting new. This is not true. I’ve spent over 20 years traveling through nearly 100 countries, crossing borders hundreds of times. Do you know how many times I’ve been asked for proof of a vaccination?


It’s never happened. Not once.

Yes, it is true that a few countries in South America and Africa technically required a yellow fever vaccine to enter, but this is seldom ever enforced. Also, the yellow fever vaccine is an actual vaccine that inhibits people from acquiring and spreading the virus. Out of more than 600 million doses of yellow fever vaccine being distributed worldwide since the 1930s, there have only been 12 documented breakthrough cases and 35 deaths. It can be said that this vaccine is fully effective and relatively safe.

The C19 “vaccines”? Not so much. It’s almost criminal that the word vaccine is even being attributed to this set of injections, as it’s an abject misnomer. These are not vaccines, they are gene therapies … and there has been so many breakthrough cases that the CDC has stopped counting them and, according to the CDC, thousands upon thousands of deaths.

A new world of travel

If these C19 vaccine passports are globally institutionalized — a big if — I don’t understand why they would stop their tracking and surveillance at C19. Why not other inoculations? Why not other diseases? Why not criminal records? Credit scores? Financial histories? Social media scores? Your complete travel history? If you came in proximity to any “flagged” people over the past 28 days? A breakdown of everything you’ve purchased in the past 72 hours? What you just ate for lunch?

Imagine how an immigration official would salivate if all they had to do was scan a QR code and all of this information would popped up onto their screen, neatly aggregated with a color-coordinated, algorithmically-derived numeric score which they would use to make your immigration determination: above 700, green, you may pass freely; 500-700, orange, you may be taken in for questioning; below 500, red, you are prohibited from entering. What score you need to enter a country would be part of their list of immigration requirements, right below having a passport that has six months of validity.

If you think that this is just about one virus and one pandemic, you’ve missed the big picture. Once governmental controls are implemented they are seldom released — especially when the profit potential for the corporations who influence those governments is so massive. Companies like Microsoft are not getting into the vaccine passport game for their health, pun intended. This is about money, and an app that everyone has to carry around on their phone that collects data on everything they do is the new gold.

Why wouldn’t this be the future of travel?

When we look at the rise of authoritarianism throughout history we often ask how people could have allowed it to happen — how could they have accepted that? What was wrong with those people? Then we look a little closer and it becomes clear than authoritarianism is rarely served on one platter; no, it comes on smaller, more easily digestible courses which build up to the main dish — and by the time that’s served it’s too late to excuse yourself from the table.


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I am the founder and editor of Vagabond Journey. I’ve been traveling the world since 1999, through 90 countries. I am the author of the book, Ghost Cities of China and have written for The Guardian, Forbes, Bloomberg, The Diplomat, the South China Morning Post, and other publications. has written 3687 posts on Vagabond Journey. Contact the author.

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  • Trevor Warman May 26, 2021, 9:30 am

    I crossed in to Guatemala yesterday at the Tecun Uman border crossing. Nice and easy BUT proof of Covid test asked for but a gov health worker not immigration directly but the 2 go hand in hand. No stamp unless you have a test result. The real test has scannable QR codes on it. The fake test result is very fake.

    The new age of travel. I am not against testing or vaxxing but dt like the high cost of the PCR test. No one does.

    Regarding Yellow Fever, have been asked countless times for it. To get my Sierra Leone visa, to cross in to Guinea – Bissau, to enter Cote d’Ivoire, to enter Kenya from CDI.

    Will be staying a week in Xela. All good except the 2 tier pricing system here grrr.


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    • VBJ May 26, 2021, 11:49 am

      Cool! Good thing you got the test too!

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  • Jack May 30, 2021, 8:24 pm

    Sounds like a lot of scary stuff. I am going to level with you, I heard a lot of similar stuff back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I grew up with a lot of those kind of ideas. In other words, I am pretty immune to this kind of stuff at nearly 50. It’s a lot of fear and worry that will likely not amount to a hill of beans. In fact, I think there is a lot of manufactured opposition out there. Yes, I think the anti-mask and anti-vaccine crowds are being encouraged and even funded by some dark characters. Managing the opposition is a good way to control the direction things go.

    That all said, guess what? If back in December 2019 if I had said that we could be facing lockdowns and more in just a few months, you would have called a crazy loon. In February 2020, I was telling people to prepare for lockdowns and I was called a crazy loon. I don’t think anything is really off the table.

    I don’t really believe in rumors or other stuff that comes out, but I still pay attention to it and file it away for future use. I got one nugget recently from someone I trust. He had a conversation with a connected Mexican politician. (My friend puts the person as semi-credible) The politico said where you are at the end of the summer is where you are going to be for awhile and that he has heard that the US will be going to a no move order enforced by the US Army sometime in the fall due to a Covid resurgence. Read my paragraph above this again and you can get some good conspiracies. How likely is this? Was it just a what if? Probably. I put the likelihood pretty low and nothing to lose sleep over.

    Me? I am continuing on with life. My wife quit her job as a retail manager. We want to travel again and get moving again, but decided to take a small detour. We just bought 5 acres of beautiful off grid land just 14 miles from the Mexican border in one of the few places in the US where you can actually build yourself on your own land. When I’m standing on my land, on my back are beautiful mountains and in front of me is a beautiful desert valley with Trump’s wall in the distance. It’s a beautiful piece of land.

    Speaking of Trump’s wall, it’s designed to keep us in for sure. I have noticed that several land ports of entry have changed in the last few years. Columbus, NM had it’s POE changed. It used to be a quick park and jump across the border into Mexico and then a long walk to get back into the US. Now? It’s a hell of a long walk into Mexico and to leave the US, you have to talk to a US border agent. Plenty of time to force a facial recognition on people leaving. Yep, people are being kept in.

    But at least I will be just 14 miles from the border until I leave again and my youngest son is a Mexican citizen.

    These are interesting times that we live in.

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    • VBJ June 14, 2021, 12:52 pm

      Hello Jack,

      “It’s a lot of fear and worry that will likely not amount to a hill of beans.”

      We seem to overestimate how bad things will be in the near future, and when they’re not as bad as we thought we think it’s all good. Maybe. However, we have been incrementally accepting ever-higher degrees of government control that would probably validate some of the fears of people of the 1980s that you mentioned. Man, imagine telling someone then that in the year 2020 that if you wanted to participate in society you’d need to carry around an electronic device that monitored everywhere you went, what you shop for, and the media you consumed and sent that data to interested multinational corporations and governments. Imagine explaining all the post-9/11 measures that were put into play. Imagine explaining how in the future we would all be forced to wear masks and stand six feet away from each other and that business owners would be arrested for opening their shops and priests would be jailed for having church and everyone would be forced to stay in their homes. I think what’s happened is far scarier than we could have imagined back then.

      “If back in December 2019 if I had said that we could be facing lockdowns and more in just a few months, you would have called a crazy loon.”

      Exactly. It’s insane what’s happened.

      “Yes, I think the anti-mask and anti-vaccine crowds are being encouraged and even funded by some dark characters.”

      Who? I’m asking this seriously. There doesn’t seem to be much of a financial motivation to spreading this type of information — I mean, no corporation is going to make billions if we believe it.

      “We just bought 5 acres of beautiful off grid land just 14 miles from the Mexican border in one of the few places in the US where you can actually build yourself on your own land. When I’m standing on my land, on my back are beautiful mountains and in front of me is a beautiful desert valley with Trump’s wall in the distance.”

      Sweet! I’ll have to visit you sometime.

      Interesting what you say about the wall … it’s easy to imagine things will get a little weird in near future. Or keep getting weirder is probably a better way to put it.

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      • Jack June 15, 2021, 9:52 am

        “ Who? I’m asking this seriously. There doesn’t seem to be much of a financial motivation to spreading this type of information — I mean, no corporation is going to make billions if we believe it.”

        I used to have long discussions about this money vs. control in the context of religion, but I am sure it can be applied to politics or anything else. Is the objective money or is it control? Which is the more lucrative over the long term? I came to the conclusion that control is more important because once you get control of a person, you can get their money, wife, or anything else they hold valuable.

        Look at the Mormon Church, it doesn’t send out missionaries to get converts and more tithe payers. In fact, in many countries of the world, the Church loses money with each convert. In the Philippines, a convert is about $6k in expenses for the missionaries and the amount they could ever hope to get from a full tithe payer isn’t that much. The Church is run by very good business man who were sitting on a $100 billion fund that is probably closer to $200 billion now. In other words, they lose amassing wealth so why do something that is a money loser? They engage in missionary work with the young men and women as a means of control. Get the men and women on a mission and when they get back get them married in the temple and they have them for life. When you have someone, you have all that they own.

        So is it about financial incentive? Nay, I say it is about control. Follow the money can uncover most corruption and bull rap, but the really nefarious stuff is exposed by looking at who gets control.

        Spreading this kind of information is about controlling people. I call it manufactured opposition. You could research the early push in April 2020 and you’d see that they efforts and opposition were linked to a few organization. It’s all part of the classic “create a problem and offer a solution that people would normally reject but because of the problem, they will accept it.”

        You’ll also see that corrallers were involved. Corallers is a term I came up because I’m not very creative. Basically, people want to be in a group but they also want to think they are different than the others so corrallers are people like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Robert Reich, and others. They attract people with their message and they keep people in the group because people are afraid to not be in a group. They think they have special knowledge that others don’t have so their ego is puffed up. Their corraller tells them what to think about every major issue and they parrot it and they think they are special and more intelligent than others.

        Bonus Pro Tip: You can tell people some pretty crazy lies if you first tell them truth that others won’t say but people want to hear. Once you start sharing them that secret knowledge, then you can tell them half truths and lies that they will eat up. Don’t believe me then go to YouTube and look at a Pastor Pete Peters video and you’ll find you are agreeing with a lot of what he is saying. He was a master at it.

        And once you control them, you got their money, their wives, their children, and anything else you want.

        In case you haven’t guessed, I don’t see this all as a money chase. I see it as I have many other things in the last 25 years: It’s a quest for control.

        “And Confusion say that he want control of your mentality, your body, and your soul”

        So the real question: What kind of control can they get with manufactured opposition? They get groups fighting each other, they can control how people express their frustrations, they can help set the stage from much harsher actions in the future.

        Look at the news and you will see that in March, the US government and different states were preparing for major opposition to the lockdowns. Thousands of soldiers and equipment were prepared next to major cities for massive protests that didn’t come.

        Every one of us started traveling for different reasons. I started because I wanted to get away from the bull rap and away from the control. I’ll go again when I get my place set up. I don’t like what the future US looks like and I haven’t for 25 years.

        And yes you will have to come down when I get it set up.

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  • Journey On June 2, 2021, 8:25 am

    so passports and health certificate is now the main requirements to travel, But I’ve heard in some country don’t accept travellers even the vaccine just like Saudi. whats your opinion regarding of this

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    • VBJ June 3, 2021, 10:37 am

      Thanks for the comment … No idea why they keep doing this.

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