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Up To Here: Krabi, Thailand 2018

Catching up.

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It’s been a while.

Three months have gone by since I posted here. My excuse?
I can’t type on a touchscreen. I got an iPhone SE at the end of last summer because I got tired of my Blackberrys malfunctioning and the fact that it seemed more than obvious that the BB10 OS was going to be depreciated — pretty much every app stopped offering support for it, the thing was a digital dead man walking.

So I bailed. I bought an iPhone like everybody else.

I figured that I would just get used to typing on a touchscreen, but I didn’t. It was always an exercise in frustration. So I absconded from pretty much every activity that I would normally do on a phone that required excessive typing. Along with email, blogging was one of those things.

Seems lame, but that’s the truth.

However, I’ve now given up on the iPhone and I’m back to the BlackBerry. Therefore, I will pick up blogging once again.

To pick up where we left off:

I returned to Malaysia from Brunei. Stayed in KL for another couple of weeks, and then went to Johor Bahru. Stayed there for a month; made a bunch of side trips to Singapore.

Then we traveled up to Penang. The place was amazing — a near perfect base of operations. I stayed there with my family for two months, making a side trip to Hong Kong during that time.

However, our visas were soon to run out so we had to split. Looking at a map we pretty much randomly selected Krabi… and that’s where I’ve been for the past three weeks.


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