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UAE Removes 10-Day Grace Period for Dubai Visit Visa Holders

Are you aware that the UAE removed the 10-day grace period for Dubai visit visa holders? Read through this guide for detailed information on the policy change.


The United Arab Emirates has recently eliminated the 10-day grace period for travelers with the Dubai visit visa. This is a significant change in the UAE’s visa policies and has broad implications for people planning to tour Dubai and the travel and tourism industry. This article will look into the specifics of this policy change and review its impact on tourists and Dubai’s overall tourism industry.

Call center employees and local travel agents were informed that the 10-day grace period granted when a tourist visa expires will no longer be functional. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) is expected to make the same statement soon. Travel agents have reported that they have shared with their clients the new directives. 

When a traveler enters the UAE, their stay duration will be according to the type of visa, either 30 days or 60 days. According to a certain travel agent, their clients have been informed that there will be no grace period anymore. 


Earlier on, holders of the Dubai visit visa were allowed a 20-day grace period after their visa’s expiration date. This allowed visitors to extend their stay in the city for a short period after their visa expiry without any legal repercussions or fines. The UAE government has, however, resolved to revoke the grace period. Visitors now must strictly respond to their visa’s validity period.

Reasons Behind the Decision

The UAE decided to do away with the 10-day grace period to demonstrate its commitment to protect its visa regulations and maintain a seamless and effective visa system. By doing away with this rule, the government hopes to take a stricter approach to visa compliance and discourage any abuse or overstaying of the visitor visa. The move to eliminate the provision also aligns with the UAE’s goal of streamlining the visa application process and enhancing security measures. 

Impact on Visitors

Tourists who were used to having a cushion of extra days to wrap up their business in Dubai have been negatively impacted by the elimination of the 10-day grace period. Visitors must now carefully plan their trip to ensure they depart the country before their visa expires. Failure to adhere to the rules attracts penalties and other legal consequences.

Visitors must be conscious of their visa validity period and make essential arrangements to leave Dubai within the visa validity period. Travelers who overstay their visas will be arrested for being in the country illegally. There will be inspection campaigns run to find the violators, and they will be fined Dh 50 for every day they overstay their visa and Dh 320 for relevant charges and exit permits. If you overstay your visit visa for ten days, you will be required to pay Dh500 and an additional Dh 320, totaling Dh 820. 

Travel and Tourism Industry Implications

UAE tour operatorThe UAE visa policy change has impacted the country’s travel and tourism industry. Travel agencies, tour operators, and hotels must inform their clients about the removal of the grace period and the significance of adhering to the visa validity period. It is important for the industry stakeholders to give the travelers accurate information for them to avoid any inconvenience or issues related to visa violations. 

The validity of a Dubai visit visa was increased from 30 days to 60 days last year. The visa can be renewed for an additional 30 days or 60 days on request. This gives Dubai visitors up to 120 days to experience the UAE. 

Enhanced Visa Compliance

The UAE’s decision to end the grace period for visitors with the Dubai visit visa illustrates the government’s dedication to strengthening visa compliance. By implementing tougher requirements, the UAE seeks to maintain a reliable and effective visa system that adheres to international standards. The stricter regulations have contributed to the general safety and integrity of the UAE’s immigration processes. 

Avoiding Penalties and Legal Consequences

Visitors must obey their visa validity period and make arrangements for their departure from Dubai to avoid penalties and legal repercussions. Ensure you keep track of your visa’s expiry date and plan in time to avoid last-minute complications. If you wish to extend your stay in Dubai, you should arrange for a visa extension or get the necessary permits before the visa expires. 


The removal of the 10-day grace period for the UAE visit visa symbolizes an important change in the nation’s visa regulations. Tourists must adapt to this new regulation by clinging to their visa’s validity period and exiting the country in time. The travel and tourism sector is a major key player in distributing accurate information to visitors for a seamless experience while following the new rules. The UAE is looking to maintain a robust visa system that meets worldwide standards and boosts the country’s overall security.


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