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True Friends in Tokyo

Documenting friendship through photography in Tokyo.

Mark and Nathan had been friends since they attended university together, and while they lived in different cities they made sure to kept in touch. They always made it a priority to see each other at least a few times during the year, and of course keep up to date with what was going on with their families by phone call or email.

The year they both turned forty, they decided to do something extra special. When they were in university together, they had gone on a class trip to Tokyo; both of them had loved the experience and promised that one day they would go back. As the years passed, they began to think that going back to Tokyo might remain a dream.

“When we were trying to figure out what to do, I brought up Tokyo as a joke,” said Mark. “Then we both were like, well, why not? If not now, when would it happen?”

The friends decided that they would also rent a photographer so they could have professional photos together in Tokyo. When they had visited the city as university students, they had taken pictures together by some of the landmarks of the city, and they thought it would be fun if they could recreate some of these scenes.

When they arrived in Tokyo, it was clear that the city had changed a lot since they originally visited, but it still had that special charm that they had fallen in love with when they were younger. On top of their list of places to visit was the Imperial Palace; they had come here with their class, but now they had the chance to view the amazing site again through the eyes of adults.

The photographer in Tokyo had agreed to meet them at the Senso-ji Temple to do the photo shoot. While the city had developed, the temple remained in the same beautiful condition that they remembered. Mark and Nathan got great shots including the elegant architecture of one of Tokyo’s most prominent temples.

“It was really neat being able to compare our photos of our university trip with the professional photographs,” said Mark. “I was really happy with how everything turned out with the photographer from Localgrapher. The pictures mean a lot to me, because it meant a lot to actually be able to go back to Tokyo with Nathan. It’s also great having the photos to share with my family back home. Sometimes I wish Nathan and I lived closer together, but we both have our own lives now.”

Nathan and Mark made the most of their time together in Tokyo by visiting other historic temples, shopping at the local markets for souvenirs for their wives and kids, and enjoying exotic Japanese cuisine. All too soon, their trip had to come to an end, and they returned back to their separate cities and lives.

“We might not see each other too often, but we certainly make the times we’re together count,” said Nathan. “I doubt that we’ll be able to swing another big trip like the one to Tokyo, so I’m really glad that we have professional photos. I’m sure we’ll still have other adventures together, but going to Tokyo was definitley a once-in-a-lifetime sort of a thing. Well, I guess actually twice-in-a-lifetime. It shows you what a lucky guy I am to have a friend like Mark.”


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