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  • You Have to Know That You Suck To Improve

    My three year old daughter sucks at jumping. This is no problem except for the fact that she thinks she’s doing it right. She jerks her little body forward and calls it a jump without really lifting her feet off the ground. It’s not jumping, but she doesn’t know it and she doesn’t improve. It’s [...]

  • Why Single Topic Blogs are Better

    I recently went onto a blog about social media tips and tore right into the first article it featured. It took me until I was halfway through the article before I realized that it had nothing to do with Twitter, the site’s main topics. It was about some horror movie writer or something like that, [...]

  • Don’t Waste Time Styling Your Blog – It’s the Content that Counts

    In this period in the evolution of the internet, where even the most fledgling independent blogger is competing with and being compared to the big boys ticking off posts for corporate web properties it’s important — no, absolutely necessary — to have a blog that looks good. The internet is like Manhattan, whereas print media [...]

  • What is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Tips on How to Stop It

    Around a year ago I developed an odd seasick like nausea when staring into a computer monitor. It would sometimes become so bad that I would sometimes become pretty much incapacitated by it and unable to work. I battled through this problem for a year, thinking that it was just some strange psychological or physical [...]

  • Digital Nomad or Economic Refugee?

    An entire itinerant society is rising who work on laptops and travel the world.

  • Own All Popular Top Level Domain Names of Your Website Address

    Take .com, .org, and Other Popular Top Level Domain Names of Your Site’s URL This is a quick tip for traveling webmasters.  When you purchase a new domain name or want to use a domain that you already own, be sure to also claim a few of the various other top level domain names for [...]

  • New Affiliate Program Strategy for Travel Blogs

    I must admit that each affiliate marketing initiative that I have taken over the years with Vagabond Journey Travel has resulted in me giving a company a lot of advertising and traffic for very little return. In waves I have added affiliate adverts to this site just to quickly remove them when it became apparent [...]

  • Work for Yourself – College May Not Lead to Career

    Question about career options: to continue with university? Start a business? Work for yourself? “Would appreciate anything at this point as am more than directionless. Have thought of opening business here in Brno instead of grad school. Bought into the whole “go to college get a good job”, shite that worked for our parents (who [...]

  • Vagabonds Travel for Work – Must Diversify Income

    I am Tired of Being a Poor Vagabond, I failed at travel blogging, too, must find other work MEXICO CITY, Mexico- There is a rule of long term travel that states that a traveler must eventually find work on the road or go home. Income works best in travel when it comes from a variety [...]

  • How to Make Webpages while Living in a Van

    Q: How to make webpages easily? A: Hello Gary, Thanks for the mail. Good move going and living and traveling in a van — they can be great homes, can lower your living expenses drastically, enforces simplistic living, and, of course, are mobile. Good on ya. About making webpages, I recommend using the Wordpress system. [...]