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Traveling on a Budget? Here’s the Best Way to Book Hotels and Save Money

Are you ready for an adventure, but don’t want to break the bank? Here’s the best way to book hotels and save money.

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Are you going away soon and want to save money on accommodation? Hotels can be costly depending on the time of year and location, but this doesn’t mean you should always pay full price. There are many ways to stick to your travel budget and still stay in great hotels with full service. There are websites to help you compare hotel prices, find last-minute deals, or get the best travel packages. Another option is to use your frequent flyer miles and credit card points to get a discount on a room. Curious for more tips? Read on to discover the best way to book hotels without breaking the bank.

Compare Sites and Deals

With so many hotels out there, it’s hard to keep an eye on all the discounts and best rates. This is why you need to use comparison websites that list all available prices for a single hotel. This is a fail-proof method for getting the best hotel rate. Simply type the location, length of the trip, and click the search button. Some of the best price comparison websites are Kayak, Expedia, Agoda, Trivago, and Priceline. Always double-check the prices and do your own research before you book to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Use Coupon Sites to Snag Discounts

If you don’t normally use coupon sites to snag some sweet booking hotel deals, now is the time to start. Sites like Groupon have hundreds of listings for hotels and travel packages for a fraction of the price.

Make sure to sign up for the site’s newsletter so you get new deals, extra discounts, and coupons by email.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Last-Minute Deals

Last-minute deals are the best way to find hotels that fit your budget. There are several apps and websites that allow you to search for last-minute offers and save hundreds of dollars. Some of the best apps to use for this purpose are Hotel Tonight, One:Night, Hotel Tonight, Priceline, and even official hotel websites.

Subscribe for Hotel Newsletters

Almost all hotels offer some sort of discount if you sign up for their newsletter. You’ll receive information on great deals, last-minute offers, and special packages right in your inbox. You can also join travel organizations and receive exclusive members-only discounts. Some hotel price comparison websites may also offer discount codes if you sign up or create an account.

Use Credit Card Points and Airline Miles

If you have credit card points or airline miles, you can use them to get a cheaper hotel room. Before you book, check with the hotel first to make sure they accept points. Then, call your credit card company and ask which of their cards are the best choice for this type of booking. If you travel a lot and want to save money on hotel rooms, get a credit card with a cashback program, travel rewards, or bonus points.

Whether you travel often and hotels are your first choice of accommodation or need a room for a few days, you can always snag a better deal or a discount. The best way to book hotels and find an affordable option is to try these methods and see what works best. Want more travel tips and trip planning articles? I cover these topics on my blog to help you get the most of your next adventure.


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