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Traveling is about you? Let’s represent this hobby in your home interior

How to take your travels home.

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The best time of the year to travel to the sea is summer. For study trips or excursions – autumn or spring. In winter, you can go skiing somewhere, or visit exotic countries – where real summer reigns, while all your friends are freezing and enjoying the wonders of winter. But many have the following problem: they love to travel, but they do not always succeed, due to their busy schedule, since vacations are not often given. The solution is to pick up some interior design items that could create the effect of traveling to exotic countries and bring the spirit of adventure right into your apartment. And here’s the question: how do you do it in order to create something like this at home?

Let’s start with the most basic – furniture from different countries. This is where Nationwide Furniture Outlet can really help. Another tip is cutting boards made in the form of an image on a map of the country Italy or Spain – one of the most suitable options. In such an interior, a travel lover will want not only to enjoy but also to cook. Such a board will be able to take its rightful place among other kitchen objects.

Next idea: if you have various road signs or signs, then they can also be correctly fitted into the interior. In the case when the purchase of such things does not fit into the limits of your budget allocated for the decoration of stained glass objects, then old plates may well be suitable.

You can also post a picture of our planet around the house, or instead arrange wall plates in a chaotic manner that will resemble the solar system. Also, in no case should you ignore the hallway. If you have porcelain collarbones, you can use them as a container for putting small things out of your pocket. In my opinion, a great decoration will turn out and once again hey you to the thought, maybe it is worth visiting the online ticket sales service. Perhaps today is the day when you could plan your next trip.

You can design the study in the spirit of H. G. Wells, Hugo Gernsback, Jules Verne and his book “Around the World in Eighty Days.” Classical furniture pieces, a chest, an old-fashioned cupboard and aged maps combined together will complete just such an ambiance.

Marine style in the bedroom is a special feeling of comfort, tranquility, harmony and lightness. This is the feeling of the warmth of the sun, water and freedom, which are so necessary for every person in the bustle of the city. The sea theme fills the bedroom with freshness and coolness. Such an environment helps to relax and have a good rest. The special beauty and spirit of adventure – all this is embodied in the nautical style.

Features of the bedroom design

Marine style in the bedroom is not a strict idea. This is not at all a separate direction, but rather a given image that can be easily recreated in any other interior – classic, rustic, minimal, country, Scandinavian.

This direction is very atmospheric because it is directly saturated with romance, sea adventures, and the spirit of adventurism. The room looks light, cozy, harmonious, which perfectly emphasizes the purpose of the bedroom itself – rest and complete relaxation.

In addition, this is an exceptional opportunity that helps the owner unleash their creativity, dreams and fantasies. You can recreate the theme of sea adventures, battles and unforgettable travel, as well as embody the idea of ​​a sandy island – your corner of paradise.

Color solutions

Of course, the main design palette is all shades of blue and light blue. To recreate the theme of the beach, other colors are also present in the room: sand, beige, white, coffee, herbal, emerald – they are associated with nature and the elements. If you want to embody the idea of ​​a deck or a cabin, then darker colors are more suitable: chocolate, dark gray.

As for the contrast, scarlet, coral, bright orange, black, lemon are considered accent – they will be the embodiment of reefs, inhabitants of the waters.

The common solution of decorating a bedroom with a marine theme is a successful combination of blue and all its shades with white and sand. This is a versatile color scheme. However, it is permissible to use softer shades – azure, heavenly, pale cornflower blue, gray. In addition, such colors as turquoise, aquamarine, azure gray will look beneficial.

Patterns and ornaments

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a strip. And above all – white and blue. However, allow yourself to show your imagination because it can be multi-colored and take on a variety of shapes. The second option is a zigzag or a herringbone, two-color or consisting of several colors. Try blue, white and bright green – this option is very suitable for the chosen theme of the sea.

In addition to stripes and zigzags, various patterns in the form of waves, as well as patterns with vegetation and motives of the tropics, are also acceptable.

Patterns and ornaments are accent details. There cannot be many of them, and they should not overload the space. It is also very important to choose the optimal strip thickness so that it looks sophisticated and aesthetically emphasizes some of the interior details. As a rule, ornaments are located on some separate elements. For example, curtains, a striped rug by the bed, bedding, a pillow in a lounge chair, a blanket lying carelessly. Another bold option is to decorate one wall with white and blue stripes.


It can be either a simple painting of the walls, or clapboard, parquet board, laminate – the choice is yours. However, there are a few tricks that will help create that very marine touch in the interior:

    Wallpaper made of cork or bamboo (woven, burnt, sawn) will take you to the tropics;

    Panels or canvases on the walls with a wavy texture will fit into the interior at an opportune moment;

    A special highlight will be a wallpaper with the image of fish, anchors, marine life, shells and ships – a childishly naive option, but at the same time playful and unusual;

    On the floor – parquet or laminate and, of course, a wicker rug;

    On the ceiling – a stretch white canvas, an unusual and spectacular option – beams made of natural wood.

Dreaming and traveling

Interior design can bring us thoughts of travel and adventure around the world. Colonial spirit captures all rooms and mixes modern European design and ethnic motives. Aged boards and bricks as the main finishing material will give authenticity and individuality to the entire interior. The most interesting place could be the kitchen, where many different elements can be mixed: a tall wooden dining table, a copper hood, a large professional metal plate, aged kitchen facades, etc. Such details will create a rich bouquet with the aroma of soulfulness, dreams and travel.

In the living room, use old bricks and boards, on which you can write and draw whatever you want and change the image to suit your mood. The design of the bedroom may refer to hot Africa, the suspended bed will lift you off the ground and allow you to be carried away into the world of sweet dreams, the fan lamp will refresh in the summer heat, and the drawing on the wall will make you feel like you are among tall trees. Add sky map on the ceiling to feel the nature in full. In the bathroom, you can completely relax: numerous lighting, pebble stones on the floor, wood trim for a romantic mood. 

If you want to live in an interior with meaning and history, enjoy every moment spent in your home, you should pay attention to the materials and textures that you use in the interior. If they keep a mystery in themselves, then your interior will definitely become characteristic and individual. Travel and return to your amazing home.

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