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Traveler Chasing a Dream

Traveler Chasing a Dream– I am a man chasing a dream. Like most dreams, it is only obtainable through never giving up, compromising, or accepting any semblance of a half-measure. I have a dream of being able to make enough money off of Vagabondjourney.com to completely fund the travels of myself and my small family. [...]

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Traveler Chasing a Dream–

I am a man chasing a dream. Like most dreams, it is only obtainable through never giving up, compromising, or accepting any semblance of a half-measure.

I have a dream of being able to make enough money off of Vagabondjourney.com to completely fund the travels of myself and my small family.

This is not a dream that I can fail at, because I will not give up until I chase it down. The only way that failure has ever asserted itself is through the admission of defeat: through giving up.

To fail, a person must be willing to fail. I am not so willing.

How to make more money?

How to make more money?

No matter what, I know that if I do not ever give up then I can never fail. I will keep bashing into this brick wall until it crumbles and I eat through it to the other side — with mortar and lime dust all over my face.

I began this project in May of 2007 on the premise that once I began receiving 1500 to 2000 daily visitors I should also make enough money to travel from the website.

I, apparently, thought wrong. Next week, Vagabond Journey.com is primed to have its first confirmed 2000 visitor day. But the money is still not coming in as planned.

Like most plans in travel, this one is not working out how I envisioned it. So I will continue putting in 5 to 8 hours a day — every day — publishing travel information, stories, anecdotes, on the internet.

How to make more money? This is the question of the times. This is the question of any time. This is always the question.

To these ends, I will now begin charging a $5.49 consultation fee for questions that I answer on the Travel Help portion of Vagabond Journey.com. Travel Help is designed to be a place where visitors can ask travel questions that have proved to be difficult to find answers to elsewhere. I generally answer these questions based off of experience, prior knowledge, or I do further research, and I then advise the asker accordingly.

I enjoy answering travel questions, but doing so takes up a lot of time. I need to start making more money from this time.

Vagabond Journey.com is not making enough money to build my bridge across the river. After getting married — and especially after I have a child — I will not have a seemingly endless supply of time for publishing on the internet.

I am feeling the prospective pinch of responsibility already.

I need to make the best use of the time that I do have, find new paths for earning money, and re-evalute portions of the site where the time/ revenue ratio is drastically out of balance.

Travel Help is one such portion. To continue answering travel questions — to continue offering my services as a travel consultant — I need to make a little money from it.

$5.49 is not a lot of money for the time that I put into answering each question.

If I can make $600 off of this website a month, I can travel the world forever with my family.

I will make $600 a month, because I will not give up.


The only way I can continue my travels and publishing this blog is by generous contributions from readers. If you can, please subscribe for just $5 per month:


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About the Author:

I am the founder and editor of Vagabond Journey. I’ve been traveling the world since 1999, through 91 countries. I am the author of the book, Ghost Cities of China and have written for The Guardian, Forbes, Bloomberg, The Diplomat, the South China Morning Post, and other publications. has written 3717 posts on Vagabond Journey. Contact the author.

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  • Emery July 16, 2009, 10:40 pm

    Other Ideas:

    1) I don’t know how you feel about hawking wares, but Amazon.com has a fairly simple associates program, through which you can link to products and make a small referral fee off things purchased after linking over from your site. I noticed that you do the occasional product review about things you use on the road, so it wouldn’t be all fake unless you went overboard with it. Of course, you wouldn’t necessarily want to link over for something you gave a bad review to like that oh-so-sanitary water bottle. But if you found a water bottle with a superior design, you might share that with people. It could be a little extra change anyway. (FYI, last month somebody clicked on a link of mine and while they were there, they decided to go ahead and purchase that HD flat panel TV they’d been looking at. You just never know.)

    2) You might check out Examiner.com as an alternate option for online writing. They’re always looking for writers and might have a topic up your alley.

    3) Oh, and you can still be a good writer and use good SEO writing habits that might help to drive more traffic to your site. 2000 isn’t enough? Maybe you can help more people to find you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization

    Anyway, best of luck.

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  • Heidi July 18, 2009, 1:38 pm

    Go for it! This site is excellent and I’m sure you could make enough money from it to fund you. I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas of my own, I just wanted to encourage you and say you have something special here. If I think of anything, I’ll let you know 🙂

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    • admin July 18, 2009, 7:28 pm

      Thank you Heidi,

      I really appreciate your good words!


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  • Emery July 18, 2009, 7:32 pm

    Hmmm. I see you already have Amazon ads, so I guess that’s not a new idea. I had just thought once or twice when reading your articles that you might be missing an opportunity to link over from inside your articles. Anyway, best of luck.

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    • admin July 18, 2009, 7:47 pm

      Thanks, Emery,

      Your suggestions still stand as being really good . . . I think that I will try to do a little more with the Amazon program. If I can find products that I have used/ am currently using that I think are real good, I would love to help sell them.

      Thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate them!

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  • admin July 19, 2009, 11:21 am

    I just altered my strategy as far as receiving more funds from Travel Help. I really enjoy answering reader’s questions, and I feel as if charging a set fee would be overly prohibitive. So I have basically stuck with the old policy of not charging . . . but I request a $2 suggested donation.

    I wonder if anyone will actually do this haha.


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  • youbetterwork August 6, 2009, 4:55 pm

    Youtube is a site that will pay you for your content.
    Make slideshows and vidoes from your pictures and post them on youtube (with maybe a voice over like lonely planet does).
    After you get something like 100-200 subscribers they start to pay you.

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  • Wade | Vagabond Journey.com August 12, 2009, 11:58 pm

    This sound alright . . . now I only have to get the 200 subscribers haha.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Walk Slow,


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