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Travel with Toddler Gear

I have been traveling with my daughter Petra since she was two months old. She is now 2 and a half, and her traveling gear has changed significantly since the beginning of her days as a wanderer. Here are some of my updated recommendations for toys and accessories for the traveling toddler. (Check out my [...]

I have been traveling with my daughter Petra since she was two months old. She is now 2 and a half, and her traveling gear has changed significantly since the beginning of her days as a wanderer. Here are some of my updated recommendations for toys and accessories for the traveling toddler.

(Check out my recommended baby travel gear.)

Dora the Explorer Toddler Nap Mat

This was given to us a gift, and it has been great. Having a consistent “bed” can take away some of the anxiety over sleeping in different places. This nap mat is lightweight and easy to clean.

Munchkin Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

I love this cup. Wade and I both use stainless steel waterbottles, but it was surprisingly difficult to find a stainless steel sippy cup for Petra. This one is easy to clean and has held up on our travels.

GoGo Kidz Travelmate

I haven’t used this product, but see it all the time in airports while we are traveling. It looks like a great idea if you need to bring your kid’s car seat with you.

World Traveler Magnetic Figure

I love magnetic toys for playing with on buses and planes. This one has the added bonus of featuring clothes from around the world, making it interesting and educational.

Playmobil Jet Plane

I love love love playmobil. We bring a large bag full of playmobil people and some accessories everywhere we travel. Petra loves doing creative play with the people, and re-enacting the events of the day. It is a well-made toy that stands the test of time, I handed down some of the playmobil I played with as a kid to Petra.

LEGO plane

I think LEGOs are a wonderful toy as well. Though Petra’s still a little young for them, I know that in years to come we are going to be traveling with these light little blocks.

Kids Cook Around the World

Food is a great way to explore the differences in people around the world, and cooking with your child is a fun way to learn about it.

Top of the World

Toot and Puddle: Toot and Puddle are adorable. I love that they travel the world together.

12-inch inflatable globe

Inflatable toys are a good way to maximize packing space. I really like having globes around, even if your child is a little young for understanding the concept, they can appreciate how many different countries there are in the world.

The I’m A Good Little Traveler! DVD kit

This DVD prepares kids for travel, by showing the airport process from security through takeoff. I haven’t seen this one myself, but I think it’s a great idea.

Safe Travel Systems Safe Rider Vest

This is an excellent idea. Instead of having to lug around a car seat (or two!) this vest makes sure your child is secure using a regular car safety belt.

CARES aviation system

This is for parents who want to be extra sure their child is safe on the airplane. It turns the simple lap belt on airplanes into a harness system.

Kid Gearz Wired Headphones

Petra loves having her own headphones to listen to music and her DVD player. These headphones designed for kids, ensures that the volume can’t go above the safe level for kids’ ears.

Going on a Plane book

Reading books about new experiences is a great way to introduce them to your child.

Finger Puppet Set

Small enough for you to take anywhere. Cute enough to hold your child’s attention. Puppets are a great way to do some creative storytelling with your child.

Sony DVD player

We bought this for Petra (and ourselves) a few months ago, and I’ve been really impressed how well it has held up. It’s been great for use on planes (budget airlines are cutting out the free TV), in airports, and while parents are busy making dinner in the hotel room.

Doodle Pro Tag-Along

A super sturdy drawing board. This is one of my must-have toys anytime we are traveling.

Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera

Our niece and nephew have one and Wade can’t wait to buy one for Petra when she is a little older. Kids like using their own versions of the toys their parents use, and if you are traveling, you are probably going to have a camera. Kid Tough products are really built for kids to use, drop, and play with.

Kid-Tough Binoculars

Like I said above, kids love their own versions of their parents toys. I think this would be great for kids who are going out exploring.

Leapfrog Text and Learn

We received this as a gift, and Petra loves it. She says that she is working on her computer when she uses it. It has engaging games to teach letters and some shapes.

Travel Potty

This is a great potty for use on-the-go. See my full review of the travel potty.


This isn’t one to just give to your two year old. But I love that we can download books for her while we are traveling. Petra loves books, but as we travel a lot, and without too much stuff, her library is limited. The Kindle doesn’t offer the same experience for a toddler as looking through a book, but it is a wonderful way to be able to read a large variety of books together without the extra weight. Comes with free world-wide 3-G internet.

Ergo Baby Carrier

Petra and Chaya on a jungle hike. Note Chaya carrying the hotel phone in case someone calls with a reservation.

We love this baby carrier. See our full review of the Ergo Baby Carrier.


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