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  • Affording Airfare Is What Makes Family Travel Difficult

    We can travel the world perpetually, but can’t afford to visit home.

  • Chinese/ English Bilingualism: My Daughter Learns To Speak Mandarin

    As though she flipped a switch my daughter begins speaking Chinese.

  • Traveling With a Baby and Having an Income

    A reader named Ysabella asks a question about how to make money while traveling with a baby: Hi! I’m currently pregnant with my first child & my boyfriend and I want to travel the world with our baby after he or she is born. We plan to save up as much money as possible, within [...]

  • Petra Shepard Climbs First Mountain

    My daughter, Petra, climb her first mountain on August 28, 2012. She was three years and two weeks old.

  • Chinese Culture can be Overwhelming for Expat Children

    Vagabondjourney.com is about real life. It’s about going into other cultures around the world to learn about them — and also to learn about ourselves. Not everything is going to go smoothly when living in any country, but it is often through the most onerous and irritating situations that the most valuable learning occurs. “I [...]

  • Travel With Children Packing Tips

    The following tips are for the somewhat arduous task of packing for family travel. As always, the basic rule of travel packing applies: Make a pile of everything you think that you’re absolutely going to need for your travels on the floor, then only pack half of it. Here are some tips from Chaya Shepard, [...]

  • Health Tips for Traveling With Children

    Keeping your family healthy on the road is one of the biggest responsibilities of traveling with children, and is one of the major reasons why so many would-be vagabond families are scared into staying home. But, speaking from experience, I have to say that dealing with family health issues abroad is not nearly the challenge [...]

  • Flying With Children Tips

    Flying with children is not only a challenge but an art form. Here are some tips that could help on your next adventure with your kids.

  • Three Year Old American Child Learning Chinese Mandarin in China

    “All of the kids speak Chinese. I don’t know what they’re saying,” my three year old daughter, Petra, spoke in frustration. While young children can learn languages far more adeptly and easily than adults, they don’t just learn them as though through osmosis. Learning foreign language is tough for kids too. Petra is struggling with [...]

  • Travel to Nanjing Alone With My Kid | Sunday Travel Story

    I’ve never been more scared to travel.