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Computers! Why I carry a "Rock" around

Travel tip on how to travel with a computer from Andy the Andy is my friend, this article was copied with his good wishes. Submit links and comments to this page! Publish your relevant link, comment, or information below.

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Computers! Why I carry a “Rock” around.
and the reasons Compaq Computers should give me a new computer.

11 pounds, or about 5 kilos. That is what I am talking about.
In the bus, in my bed, in my hammock, caringm, and protecting,
Plus savings it life, helping to cure when full of virus’s.
I am not sure what is more important,
Women, or my computer.
I have been carrying this around in a backpack for
2 years, and 9 months. 995 days, without having it stolen, lost
or destroyed.

My computer will be stolen. I am positive.
When will it happen, and where?
But more important. WHY?
Can I prevent it?

Second question.
When will Compaq computers, and Sony Digital Cameras
going to say they will sponsor me?
I RECOMMEND (see how that worked)
What a great commercial for them.

FUN advice stories.


Ants inside you computer. Mexico.
There are rivers of live ants that walk around. Nature at its best
The course of the river changes. Be careful to not place you computer
in the path of the ants, now, or in the FUTURE path. If there
are lots bugs, insects, keep you computer in the bag when not using it.
If the computer is on, and hot. It may electrocute, or cook the ants,
and there would be hundreds of dead ants inside you computer.
I have opened the top my keyboard top, to find all sorts of
small stuff inside. Bugs, sand, paper pieces. etc.

Beach. Sand inside your computer.
I have a dream of working from the beach.
To work on the beach, Connect via satellite telephone.
Send in my newsletter, or update my WebPages.
“La Vida Buena”
The wind blows on the beach, and there is sand. I do not
recommend you take your computer to the beach unless
you want your computer full of sand.

In direct sunlight you cannot see the screen.
Cars, beaches, near open windows. There are some special
military, and police type computers, that solve this problem,
but a little expensive. But then if Compaq wants me to test.
Send to Andy the Hobo in care of.... hehehe...

The sun can melt you computer. Do not leave in the sun near
windows. We have cooked eggs, for fun on the top of tables,
concrete, or asphalt that was hot. You do not
want your computer to get this hot. I do however recommend,
you do that for fun. The cooking of the eggs.
Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Swimming Pools., The cannon ball.
Be Aware of people doing cannon balls.
Canno balls can be harmful to you health
(computer sergeon generral)
One good splash can destroy you computer.
Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico

No electricity in hotels.
In budget hotels. It is very common, or normal
That there are NO outlets for electricity for your computer.
I use the light socket 60 percent of the time, on the
ceiling of my hotel room. I unscrew the light
bulb. Screw in an adapter, that has two plugs on each side.

This link has a lot of pictures of the electrical stuff I carry

Electrical adapter that you screw into light socket does not work.
There is a point on the end of these adapters. If you can make
this adapter point make contact you will have electricity.
You may need to bend out the prong on the inside of the socket.
Be careful. Turn off the light before you bend the inside of a lightbulb socket.
I have added a piece of metal to my adapter to make it longer.

This link has a lot of pictures of the electrical stuff I carry

No Electricity in Hotels
I was in the Grand Hotel, in San Jose, Costa Rica. Nice place
to stay. 4 dollars a night. There is not electricity in any room.
I had to go sit in the hall, and advertise to the world.
“I have a computer to steal......” But they did allow me to connect

No Electricity in Hotel, or Hostel
El Lobo, Hostel in La Paz, Bolivia achieve the award as the
first hostel I have ever lived in, Where I could not get an electrical
connection anywhere. They had electricity, but would NOT let me connect
anywhere. I even tried to use the Restaurant they own. NO, NO.
But to be fair, the place is priced right, very clean, lots of people, and
for a Hostel. (I would call it a Hotel. No laundry, or kitchen) But
dorm room, with LOCKERS.. Yea!. Security for my computer.
I do recommend it, but they need a kitchen in my opinion.
List of recommended hotels:

Connecting with alligator clips.
If you need electricity, and there is no outlet. There is
another alternative. Alligator clips. To connect directly to
the power. You have to go to the hardware. Buy the alligator clips.
wire, and an outlet plug . Put it together.
An alligator clip is the a smaller version of the clamps on the
end of jumper cables for your car.
Open a switch with a screwdriver and hook
on. Or go to the florescent light, and take apart, and hook on.
Not a good way to get a hotel manager to like you.

Florescent lights are not good. Difficult to connect in rooms
with florescent lights. Lots of 220 countries have florescent lights.

The lights are too high.
I had to put a table in the middle of the room.
Put a chair on top of the table, Then unscrew the light bulb....
Check how high the ceiling light is. Can you reach it?
El Salvador

Electricity in Hotel.
Never tell them you have a computer.
The may decide to charge you more money.
The may turn off the electricity,
A computer uses 19 volts. Very, very little electricity.
But try to explain that to a hotel manager in a different language,
and remove his ability to overcharge you.

Water, Beer and you computer, or Liquids DANGER
1. Beer sat next to your computer
2. Coffee next to your computer
3. Sodas or pops.
4. Sweat on your computer.
5. People looking over you shoulder at the computer.
(Especially a problem when they are drunk)

If you get your computer wet.
1. Turn off, and UNPLUG Immediately.
2. Open up if possible.
3. Absorb the water, or liquid carefully.
4. Find a fan.
5. Let the fan blow on the computer for 2-3 days
24 hours a day. Directly at it.
6. Turn on.
(Pray to any god you wish. If you do not believe
Do it anyway, Just in case) Hope..
Do not take it to the local computer store. They
will not understand you. They will plug it in, and your toast.
Maybe, take it to the CORPORATE headquarters
for the manufacturer of you computer in that country.

Vibration can destroy you computer.
I was on a bus. From Arequipa Peru, to Cuzco, Peru.
I am not sure. 12 hours or something. Long time.
I took my electric hot plate out of my backpack after the trip.
All the nuts that held it together were off. The
hotplate fell apart. hmmm strange. I look around, and
found all the nuts, and put it back together. I thought, what’s up.
My farm experience in Indiana, Told me. Vibration
Nuts fall off in vibration.
But more important. Vibration can destroy about anything
(An earthquake is a vibration).
Maybe more powerful then a dropping your computer.
Constant vibration destroys.
The roads in Peru are bad, They are full of “washouts” or
small ridges in the GRAVEL roads, and this made the bus
vibrate all the time, plus makes it difficult to sleep.
Put you computer on the seat, or on you lap. Your body
will stop most of the vibration.
Make it hard to sleep also.. hehehe...15 dollars a day...right. OK.
Budget.. Budget... traveler a.ka. hobo

Places with no electricity.
In Guatemala on Lake Atitlan, Across the lake from
Panajachel. They turn off the lights
at 5 O’clock. Till morning. You need candles.
Forget them high tech ideas. Hard enough to get dinner.

Electricity by generator.
In San Pedro de Atacama. Chile.
The town has electricity by generator.   (5-6 NONE)
This type of electricity is not steady, and causes
some type of Electro magnetic field in the electrical
line. If you was connecting to a satellite telephone,
or a cellular telephone for a connection to the internet.
The connection may not connect. I would be better to
use only the batteries of you cell phone, and you computer.
I had a motorhome with a computer, I also had a
cellular fax, and cellular connection to the internet.
The Recreation Vehicle industry, and the Marine
industry sell products to solve all these problems.
“Lots of toys”

Why carry a computer where there is no electricity.
You need to download pictures from your digital
cameras to you computer. What type of digital
camera do you have? Do you have to download
you pictures directly onto the computer?

Computer Batteries.
Lithium, Lithium Lithium
Nickel Cadmium are JUNK. I have had 3 portables.
I never use the batteries. I have a nickel cadmium battery
in my Compaq. JUNK. Send me a the lithium Compaq.
200 dollars. Last time I checked. Note: I want 2.
I charged my Sony “Lithium” battery for my digital
camera from a light socket. On the boat, on the Amazon
in the 6 hours at night, when they turned on the electricity.
I had to tie the charger to the ceiling.
Think about plugs. One way or another. You will plug in
the computer, or you will plug in the charger. You need
electrical plugs.

I could not see my screen In CopaCabana, Bolivia
I had no curtain, and the sun was so bright I could not
see the screen.

Be careful that the owners do not enter the room. If the
see the computer plugged in, the may decide to make
you pay more

Panama Canal.
This takes 24 hours to do.
Make sure you have enough electricity, batteries.
Do not fall in.
One of the few people I know that was carrying a computer.
(budget traveler) Dropped here Compaq Electrical cord in the water
in Costa Rica. She borrowed mine.
I have had all my problems with my computer that were serious
because of my electrical cord. I would love to have 2 with me.
It is very easy to buy computer, disks, etc, etc, Portables. But
the accessories like an extra cord. Almost impossible. I would
recommend you Mom buy it, and send it by Federal Express,
or DHL. Do not put the receipt in the box, or they will charge
some sort of import tax. If it get there, at all. Its a lottery.

Batteries. Extra...Weighing in at X pounds.
Now I have to include the charger. cords. They say
the computer is light. It is. The need accesories will kill you.
Weight everything. Think.
Do I really want to carry that for a year.

Weight of you computer
I hurt my back in Guatemala. I would pick up my
backpack, and put it on my back. I would throw it around
the side, This twisting action made it hard to walk for a week.
Sit the backpack on something, Load it on yourself, and
stand up. Safer.

I used to try to keep my smal backpack, in my large backpack.
One bag for all things.
I now carry a front bag, because of the danger for my
back, and I always want the option to carry my backpack
or computer in the bus with me. I cannot take the large backpack
into the bus with me.

Dust on bus, and gravel road.
Sit in the back of the bus... not sit in the back of the bus.
Rule of thumb. Choose a seat 1-20, I get car sick
so very important to me. I try to be ahead of the
back tires.
Bounce for awhile.
If they load your computer in the back of the bus,
That is what is happens to you computer.

Hostels with no security
Dorm room. Less then 10 percent of the Hostels
have good security for a computer. The may have a place
to put your passport, or your traveler checks.
But their safe is not big enough for a computer.
So what to do.
Put it in their storage room. Check it first. Make sure
it is locked I just left a Hostel International in Iguacu.
No security. The storage room is a room. No Door
No lock, If you think all travelers are honest.
Stay to you mother on the facts of life.

Hostels tell you their security system
“We have never had any problems”....aaaagh...
Good. they want me to be the first.
OK, this is a LIE
No hotel, or hostel has never had a problem with theft.
The ALL have problems with theft.
If a person says that, WORRY.
If they say that, but then go on to help you feel secure..
Good. If they want you to believe this
WE stay in hotels, and hostel to be safe. If the owner
is not concerned for you safety, and security from
theft. LEAVE. My computer cost the same as one years
pay in Ecuador. That is a big temptation
Some of my favorite hostels, and places I recommend a lot
are terrible for security. If I lived at you hostel, and you want
me tell you how safe I felt. Write me. I will tell you the ugly truth.
I will be discussing security soon, When I write about.
What is a hostel?

Sleep with the computer
I like my computer. But it is not easy, I have to turn it on.
OK, bad joke.
But I do sleep with my computer way too much.
I have to sleep with my computer in the place I am right
now. They do not have lockers, or a long term storage.
I made a locker...but they do not know I did it.
Do not tell them before I leave.
So why sleep with you computer.
I put all my real valuable stuff on the inside next to the wall.
and sleep. I did this with my passport, and digital camera on the boat
on the amazon. Not very comfortable in a hammock.
But I did NOT have my stuff stolen.

I was in Iquitos, Peru. Sleeping a boat. Saving 4 dollars.
Waiting for the boat to leave to go up the Rio Napo into
Ecuador. Me and Pascal slept with our stuff in our hammock
and I had my large backpack hanging from the roof over
me, and on me....not fun.
Beri from a country that we will not disclose had everything stolen.
We told him to come do what we were doing. Hard HEAD.
Everything was stolen. Passport, Money, Camera 3000 plus.
He did not even sleep with the passport. You can say. Why did
you not tell him. Why, because we just slept on the Amazon river
for 18 days with him there with us. We could not believe he did not
protect his passport, and money.
Yes. to save the cost of 4 dollars. Beri lost
2000 dollars. Good savings.

Using you computer in public places
Do not use you computer in public, If possible.
The person see you, follows you.. then mugs you.
This does not happen much with the computer. But after
you leave the automatic tell machine YES

Do not walk from the Bus to the Hotel.
I have a
2000 dollar computer.
500 dollar camera
200-1000 dollars passport, according to the country
Plus the money I am carrying.
I get off a bus.
Robber says. “hmmm he has everything he owns with him”
Easy prey.
For lots of countries 1 to 4 dollars for the taxi.
If you buy traveler checks, the percentage they charge with
be about the same percentage as the cost of taxis.
If you will pay that, pay the taxi.
In Rio de Janeiro. Taxi to hostel. 25 REALS, or 12 dollars US.
I talked to the tourist information. Ask what is the cheapest way to
get to Copacabana beach.
25 for taxi. 4 for shuttle, but the cheapest is 1 REALS
for a bus across the street. number 136. I paid
50 cents USA for bus. Went to Copacabana beach. Got off the bus,
and got a taxi. Paid 3 dollars to go to the Hotel.
I walked maybe 50 meter total.
People complain about the weight of their backpacks. I have
37 kilos with me. I do not walk, if possible. Why carry a guidebook
if you do not know where you are going.

Walking home after using you computer.
You go to a friends. Use your computer.
The friend has cleaning people, gardeners, and
all sorts of help. You walk home in the dark.
There are about 10 staff
members that know you have something of value.
People steal what they know you have.

Camping with you computer.
I do not want to talk about this! Crazy.
If you are doing it to save money, and sleeping in a tent.
Tell me where you are camping.
I will tell the thieve for you, there will be right over..
I have just traveled from Mexico to Argentina.
If I camped the most I ever could have saved was 10 dollars.
Because. The most I every paid. Was 10 dollars.
Argentina. Brazil, Panama
So, if I camped for free. I would save 10 dollars.
So if I paid 7 dollars to camp in Argentina, I saved 3 dollars
Camp for fun, or trek. But not to save money when carrying
a computer.

Camping & Trekking
When you go on these adventures. Leave you computer
with a hostel in the secure storage room. These are very common.
If you have a digital camera, that you have to download onto the
computer. You may have a problem.
I went to Yacxa next to Tikal. Lived for free. Camped, or lived
in this bamboo house on legs Hitchhiked to get there. Great fun.
I left my computer in a box, locked up at Juan’s in
Remate, Guatemala

Carry a Lock
I always use MY lock. I now search only for a room where it
already has a lock, or I can install a lock.
I tell on my list of hotels. If you can use your own lock.
If the owner will not let you use your own lock. Do not live there.

Security in Hostels or Hotels. Check it out
I have made WebPages for 20-30 hotels or hostels. I have lived in the
hotel for 7-30 days. I talk to the owner, get to know their wife
and friends, the workers.
Security is a joke. Less then 10 percent have actual secure systems.
I am talking about BUDGET hotels. This is why they are budget.
Because they do not supply the services of large hotels.
The always tell me they will put it in a safe place.
Who know, they may have a safe place. Ask the to look
at it, then you make the decision. I do not recommend
you think their room is safe.

“We are not responsible for valuable not deposited with management”
I laugh Everytime I see this.
So, If I give you 3000 dollars worth of computer.
You have it stolen from the hotel office.
You are going to give me 3000 dollars.
I did not get off the turnip truck last night.

Throw the computer bag.
I never let a baggage handler, whether for a bus,
train, or airplane load my computer for me. I try
to do it myself. One good throw could end the
life of you computer.
Be especially careful of overzealous taxi drivers, that
want to grab your bags.

Over zealous cleaning ladies
Trying to clean my room. They just walked in.
The pulled the electrical cord very hard.
Trying to sweep the floor.
Unplug the cord, so people do not trip over it.
One good trip, and you computer is trash.
I CLEAN THE ROOM. I am in a common room now.
I cannot stop them, and these other guys here in Rio
are still evolving from the gene pool. So, trust me
I made an exception. The room needed cleaned.
Disinfected. heehaw..

Steal Everything
Someday, somewhere over the rainbow.
They will steal everything.
I will be on a bus, Like in Mexico, or Peru
where they stop it. Pull it over into a field, and steal
Or, I will be walking along the road. A truck will stop
and take everything.
Or, I will return to my room, and it will be empty.
If you think it will not happen to you. You are wrong.
I am on day 996.
I send all my information to the internet, and have copied
on to a CD ROM my harddrive, to send home.
I will be robbed, The question is not will I be robbed?
It is when, and where, and why. Can I prevent it?
OK, you business travelers. Living in the Sheraton, or
Hilton. That is different.

Where to carry your computer on a bus.
If you place your computer in a backpack, and put
under the bus. No one will steal you backpack while you sleep.
If you put you backpack under the bus, People sometime
jump in the compartment, Ride. Open all the bags, and arrange
to steal the valuable stuff, then close the bags.
Sometimes the bus will drive through a river, or flooded area
and you computer could be trash.
If you carry you bag on the bus. When they rob the whole bus
they usually steal all the bags on the upper level but leave the
bags down below.
If you put your computer in the big backpack.
They may demand that you load the backpack in the rear
compartment. This is where everything bounces.
If you carry the bag on the bus, when you sleep, they could steal
the bag.
If you put you bag on the top of the bus, with you computer.
They can throw it down, or it may start to rain.
I carry my bag on the bus most of the time, and I store it underneath

Having you daypack stolen.
Absolutely put you leg through the strap at all times.
When sitting in bus stops, airports, restaurants.
You will not be robbed, and you will not forget the bag.
If someone drops something. Grab you bag. This could be
the diversion.
A friend in San Jose, Costa Rica sat down next to an old lady.
A car pulls up. Opens the door into him. The old lady grabbed
the bag, and jumped into the car, and drove away.
San Jose, Costa Rica. People go to what they call the
Coca Cola bus stop. They hand their bag to a person that wants
to help load the bags. He takes off running.
San Jose, and New Quito are dangerous. People think they
are safe. I use the same standards of safety everywhere. I do
not think anywhere is safer then others. I use the same precautions
in the safe countries, and the more dangerous countries.

Computer Bags.
The type with the one shoulder strap.
I have one. I put my computer in it, then put the bag in my
UGLY daypack. I do not want to walk around. Hey look,
a Gringo with a computer. I look like hey look a Gringo hobo.
People steal what they can see, not for what they hope to
steal. It is also more balanced, and good for the back for long
But. You will not look sexy,

Iquito, Peru
I did not have a round type 220 3 plug adapter.
It was late when we checked into the hotel.
I could not use my computer.
They sell these at any hardware, in any country.
Do not worry. What was bad, is I could not
cook coffee. Withdrawal

Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
Bad 3.5 disk
I purchased the 10 pack of disk in these countries.
I do not know what is wrong. I have had to throw
all of them away. The 10 from Chile are all good.
about 1 month of using.
Bring 20 disk from home. Not 10, but 20.
People borrow, take, want, beg for one. You sit
on them. That steel slide cover bends, and you have
trouble getting it out of your computer.
The plastic slide cover on the 3.5 disk is better.
Oh. You leave them in the sun, They melt
You are not living in you cozy little home.
The conditions are much worse.

Internet cafe in Arequipa, There was not A drive to use..
In Cartagena, The A drive was taped shut.
In Otavalo, Ecuador they taped the A drive shut
In Cusco, Peru the one internet cafe close to the restaurant
that played movies ate 3 disk.
When that disk drive make a funny noise. It could be the sound
of it destroying a disk.

El Salvador said modem was bad
I was trying to get a direct connection with my modem.
They said the modem was bad.
I went to different place and it worked.
This also happened in Mexico.
When they say you modem is bad, Do not believe it.
Go to a different city, and try again, before you pay
a lot of money to replace an internal modem in you
portable computer.

Rusted connections on telephone wires.
In Acapulco, or Pie de la Cuesta.
The salt air would rust the end of telephone cable.
It would only take 1 day in the open air. Then you
would have a real fuzzy connection.
Keep you cords in you bag, when close to the ocean.
They will rust.
I installed a telephone wire in Mexico to my room.
I did not tape the joint. Very low volts. Plus I was going
to remove it in 3 weeks.
It completely rusted and broke in one week.
Near the ocean. Cover all metal.

Using the telephone line of the Hotel.
I used to always buy a connection from a local provider.
Ask the owner of the Hotel if I could use their telephone.
This worked pretty good for about 3 days in Mexico.
They only pay about 10 cents per call, for unlimited time.
But the telephone would always break after a day, or two.
I am not sure if they wanted money, or they were scared that
this high tech machine was going to make their telephone big.
Borrowing the telephone line of hotels, and hostels does not
work. I give up. Go to an internet cafe.. You can sometimes do
it. But they will cut the line, they will try to charge you lots
of money. They will tell you to use it later, “maņana”. It is
NOT worth the hassle. A budget traveler should learn how
to use the internet cafe.
Acapulco. Gave me a bill for 100 dollars.
San Cristobal las Casas. The line breaks.
Taxco, maņana, maņana, maņana
Acapulco. The line breaks.
Mexico City. maņana, maņana, maņana
Playa del Carmen. Shut me off. The server
El Salvador. They said my modem was bad.
You can ALWAYS, get a connection, and I am sure
there are people thinking. He is wrong.
But I average 2 dollars a day for my connection to the internet.
If you want to pay 10-20 dollars a connection. Your can
live nice. Do not to forget to add the cost for the 70 dollar room
to the price.

Send and Receive Emails: Use foxmail. Fits on a 3.5 disk
Publishing Webpages: Use WsFtp, forget FrontPage. Make the page
with FrontPage, but send to the server with FTP.

FrontPage, Dreamweaver are great.
You need to know how to use FTP.
Copy you ini file. For the techies only.

Roof leaks
Roof leaked in Nicaragua. and in San Pedro de Atacama
If you see one of them water stains on the ceiling.
Do not put your computer under it.

Montreal, Canada, Arequipa, Peru
If I would have had a LAN card. I could have connected

In Guatemala.
My local server decided to shut off my email account
with no warning.

Electrical shock in Acapulco
I carry rubber gloves. Electrical Pliers,
a slotted screwdriver, and a Phillips.
I will not touch a telephone wire in these countries.
I got a very bad electrical shock 2 or 3 time in
Acapulco off the telephone wire.

Mexico City.
I accessed my server long distance. In an one
of them telephone center offices.
50 cents a minute.

CD ROM did not copy correct, and afraid to send home
I had my hard drive burned onto a CD ROM.
1/2 the pictures did not get copied.
Check the CD ROM

Water came in on deck in boat
When on a boat with your computer
Do not store the backpack on the deck, or
the bottom of the boat.
Water will probably come in

I had a telephone in some rooms.
I took my computer and plugged it into the wire.
It started to rain. The water dripped down the cord
toward my computer. If you make the cord take a dip
or make a loop before it gets to the computer, All the water
will drip off the cord.

Pay per minute
The reason why it is difficult to get a direct connection
with you computer. Most countries pay a “PER MINUTE”
charge to use the telephone. It can cost a lot of money to use
the telephone line for an internet connection. We stay on for

Group Mails.
Outlook express. Outlook. Etc will let you make
a group. You can then send 50, 100, 200 to the
group. This does not work.
You local server probably has a policy on SPAM.
When you get above about 20. You could have lots of
I was very angry. These do not go through.
But the servers also do not tell you, or send them back.
They handle them like they are SPAM. You can be thinking
your sending to all you friends, family, and one day realize
they never received anything’s.
In ALL groups. Include yourself in the group.
If you want to do this all the time.
Get a
Account. It free, I can send thousands, and its easy.
You can export the address book.
But they do put a little advertisement at the top.

Virus, Locking.
I had to format my hard drive.
I had a large database in Outlook Express of all my
e-mails. I did not back correctly because it is difficult
I lost 150 emails of friends from all over the world.
I do not recommend Outlook, or Outlook Express.
Make sure whatever you use. You know how to save
all you irreplaceable email address’s on a 3.5 disk.
Send them to you email box. And you have them saved.
I will never be able to write some of them people again.
Test it. Save them. Go to another computer and install your
address book. Be sure you can do it.
I highly recommend Foxmail.
Its free. Small. fits on 3.5 disk.
You can copy the mail files easy.
Go to do a search for
Foxmail. Download the 32 bit one. Delete all the extra stuff.

Came into Guatemala and could not get access.
I did not have a direct line access for my computer for 2 weeks
when I entered Guatemala. I got to Antigua, where they would
finally let me do this. I had 550 emails.
I start my Outlook Express. The connection broke. I had to start over
at number 300.
I had to download all 550. It does not delete them as it goes.
I then stopped the program every 100 so it would delete from the server.

I was in the hostel on Caye Caulker, Belize.
I turned on the computer. The windows music started playing.
A very unsafe and insecure hostel.
Everyone now knew I had a computer.
I keep the volume off, at all the times,
People steal what they know you have.

If you have ideas, Please the interactive pages below, and submit
you hints,

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Why carry a computer?
The reasons are the same as at home,
But. Do you need a computer at home?
Do not have a portable at home?
Why would you use one when it is difficult?

The best reasons to carry a computer.
1. Store digital pictures and organize into WebPages.
2. Design WebPages
3. Write a book
4. Write lots of emails.
5. Write a book

I have only seen 3 or 4 other people carrying a portable computer
that were travelers.
Jaque. Orosi Valley, Costa Rica. Journalist from Holland
Girl in Guatemala that was writing a book.
Guy in Montreal that was writing a book
2 guys in Panama making a large travel site of their trip around the world.
Heidi in the hotel write now:
I will post an interview next week with her.


Computer Problems Log

Computer Links

Internet Links



Searching, or Reseaching

WebPages Toys, Collections of Tools

Best Advice:

1. Get rid of the Paid POP email you pay for. Use Yahoo POP
2, The information in you computer, is worth more than the computer
3. Learn how FTP works
4. Hide things. Thieves steal what is easy, and they can see.
5. If you want a connection all the time.
Get a satellite telephone. 5000 USA dollars
If you have the money to afford that.
Send me a plane ticket, and I will come a play
with it, and set it up for you.

What brand or make of computer to carry?
A. Compaq

Support for you computer? What that, and warranties...?
They are of little value after you leave your country.
They are great, If you go back home to get the work done.
So. Free. After you pay 1000 dollars to go home.

Internet connection
I would love to do a joke a day... The joke
would be that I could not do it everyday
The problem with connecting up to the internet is
not the connection. But finind the telephone line to use
to connect everyday. Magellen. Send me a satellite telelphone

How to carry?
In a computer bag. Inside a regular small backpack
on the front of you.

Configurations to have
A. Pop address of you Email
C. Ini files
D. How to backup you e-mail address book to 3.5 disk.

How to store information?
A. Send to you email box.
Zoom. com or now NBC
File backup pages that are free. You attach.
Not worth it learn to FTP
B. Use free WebPages, with password protected.

What to bring from home.
A. Extra electrical cord
B. Waterproof bag for computer.
C. 20 3.5 disk

Software to have:
A. Anti Virus
B. Backup disk
C. Copy on CD-ROM
D. All Key codes to load software.
I have a problem with macro express. I have to save
the email.

Buying the computer.
a. 110 220 available. Will use either.
b. Backup disk, that completely format your drive. Reinstalls drivers.
c. Extra battery, Lithium ONLY
d. Extra Cord
e. Should not cost more then 1500 dollars.

How to learn.
A. Newsletters like this....hehehe
B. Webferret and Copernic
C. Alexis
From people doing it, not computer techies, that are
not doing it.

Why are you taking it?
A. Look important, or think you are?
B. Collect data
C. Collect pictures
D. Journal, or write the great American novel

Theft. Where it will happen Most dangerous to least.
a. Bus to Hotel
b. In the hotel
c. In a restaurant, or bus stop.
d. In the bus,
e. Under the bus.
They know you have it.

What I want.
A beeper that goes off when bag gets more then 20 meters
aways. Or I can adjust the distance.

Your Goal?
Did you go on vacation. Why did you bring work?

Budget Traveler 15-25 USA dollar per day to live.
25-35 A traveler that drinks a lots.
Tourist Traveler 35-100 USA dollars a day to live

Myths, or things that are not true
a. You cannot buy a computer in those countries
b. They cost more
c. Warranty is easy

Why Compaq should give me a computer?
To be nice. I give them all this free advertisement.
You do not owe me anything Compaq,
You gave me what I ask for. A GREAT computer.
But then again, a hobo would not turn down something free.
I do not care who, maybe “Best Buys”, I like them too.

Have fun!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.


This Article was copied with permission from Andy of who is on year 11 of his continuous vagabond journey around the world. Please check his website and his travel blog for your daily dose of traveler wisdom, wit, and humor.  I do. 

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