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Travel Warnings

  • Travelex Is One Of The Biggest Thieves In Travel

    I get hosed by Travelex … again.

  • The Truth on the Ground: Reality vs. the Media in Thailand

    To really find out what’s going on somewhere, head to the source.

  • Indonesia Travel Alert

    The US Department of state has issued a travel alert for travel to Indonesia due to the continuous eruption of Mount Merapi. The eruptions have caused flight cancellations to and from Jakarta, and travelers are advised to expect delays when traveling in Indonesia. Mount Merapi means “Mountain of Fire” in Javanese, and is located between [...]

  • Airline Complaints On the Increase

    During the month of August, a consumer air travel report shows that flight delays and baggage losses are on the decline while passenger complaints on the increase? What would an airline passenger have to complain about if their flight leaves and time and their bags arrive with them at their destination? Plenty. Complaints about airline [...]

  • Is it Safe to Travel in Guatemala

    Dangers and warnings for travelers in Guatemala This is a collection of tips and advice about traveling in Guatemala. It includes potential threats and how to attempt to avoid them along with current travel warnings. Here are some safety tips for Guatemala. Some of these tips go without saying and would be common sense for [...]