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Travel Tips: Best Cyprus Attractions for Explorers

Where to go and what to do in Cyprus.

Explorers have several interests including land, water, culture, and history. Their vacations are filled with activities that are both educational and fun. Cyprus happens to be rich in all these features that most explorers seek. Both tourists and the local citizens can always find something interesting to explore in this country. One of the advantages of Cyprus citizenship is getting cheaper rates at every site or region one visits and explores. So, what are these attractions that any explorer can enjoy when they visit this country? Below are some helpful insights.

Nature Explorations

Many explorers like taking natural routes with features that not only provide information about the wildlife but also nourish good health. Cyprus is rich in forests and natural habitats for wildlife. If explorers prefer to hike, well-experienced guides usually help them go through the mountains and forests that are designated for that purpose. The Akamas Peninsula is a great region to hike to find a mixture of forest and coastline.

Another option would be to take a 4×4 track and head for any of the various parks in the country. Most explorers can opt for Troodos National Park and enjoy the mountain vistas. Explorers who love going on picnics or hiking nature trails can do so in this park.
Cyclists can also enjoy any region of the park where cycling is allowed by the government. Apart from enjoying cycling, there is a rich history people can learn as they cycle along. Due to the numerous cycling routes, it is advisable to rent a strong bike or bring one along in your Jeep. Further, a guide or reliable GPS would be great.

Water Exploration

Those who love exploring marine life have a lot in store here. The island is lucky to have a rich coastline, which is not only beautiful but provides a lot to experience. Larnaca in Cyprus is the place where divers can descend into the depths of the sea to learn more about MS Zenobia, which capsized in the 80s. According to reports and videos made at the site, it is rich in marine life. This Swedish ferry tragedy did not have any casualties but still remains historic in Cyprus.

Historic and Cultural Exploration

Cyprus is rich in historic and cultural features that people can visit, see and learn more about. It is one of the countries with many historic sites, according to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Kourion and Paphos are destinations where you can find these locations. The beauty of these sites is that they have a rich, ancient history from battle sites to religious sanctuaries.

Explorers need an experienced guide who will explain everything in detail. Going around Cyprus is a simple task because they have all the facilities and equipment explorers need to hire. This includes the 4X4s to explore the rugged terrain and the bikes and diving gear just to mention a few things. With friendly guides all over, your exploration will end up being a great success.

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