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Travel Tech

  • MyCharge trumps Mophie in the battle of the batteries

    What is the best portable battery charger for travel? We test the Mophie Juicepack Powerstation and the MyCharge Portable Power Bank to find out.

  • Why Travelers NEED to Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    I’m in China now, a country that blocks almost all major foreign social media networks and heavily censors the internet, but I’m able to post on Facebook, tweet, upload videos to Youtube, and browse the web freely. How? I simply turn on my VPN and access the internet from the USA, completely subverting the great [...]

  • Mac Users May Get Charged More Money to Travel

    If you’re willing to pay more money for a high end, trendy brand computer, what else are you willing to pay more for? Orbitz says hotel rooms. According to a WSJ article, Orbitz says that Mac users pay roughly 30% more for hotel bookings than PC users, which averages out to be $20 to $30 [...]

  • For Travel, Choose PCs Over Macs – Leave the Apple Products at Home

    When deciding between a Mac or a PC laptop to take traveling there is no competition: PCs are by far the most versatile, internationally serviceable, and cheapest option.

  • The Powerbag Juices Your Devices…and Your Ego

    I must confess that I am head over heels for the Powerbag. It makes you feel like a spy. It’s weatherproof and durable. It has a simple, yet commanding, design. Oh…and it also fully charges any USB or Apple device. Could a traveler possibly ask for more? When my Powerbag backpack arrived in the mail [...]

  • The Octa Vacuum Dock and Whale Tail Tablet Stand: Souped Up for Business Travelers, But Not for Digital Nomads

    I have to admit that before receiving the Octa Vaccuum Dock and Whale Tail I was not at all in the market for a tablet stand. One reason is that I don’t have a tablet (I’m a Vagabond traveler – I don’t have the money for both an iPad and a smartphone). Instead, I tested [...]

  • That’s My Trip Travel App: You Get What You Pay For

    …and what you pay is nothing. While there are infinite ways to celebrate the unbeatable price of $0, the “That’s My Trip” travel app for Android is a quaint initiative for those with minimalistic phones or suffocating phone memory which pales in competition to veteran apps like Trip Journal (Android) and Track My Tour (iPhone/iPad). [...]

  • What Cell Phone is Best for Business Travel

    The right equipment for the job.