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Travel Strategy

  • I Watch Wheat Being Separated Again, I’ve been in China For A Year

    I watch the cycle of life repeat itself in Jiangsu Taizhou. My travel strategy has certainly changed.

  • Inflatable Boat For Travel

    An inflatable boat would be the perfect way to navigate some countries. I discover that this is not a new idea in exploration.

  • The Traveler’s Plot Line: How To Make Your Travels Interesting

    To make the most of travel be sure to have a plot.

  • Folding Bicycle and Inflatable Boat: the Ultimate Vagabond Set Up?

    For me, freedom is a bicycle. Adventure begins at a front wheel and ends at a rear one with a set of peddles, a seat, and a set of handlebars in between. From the time I was a young boy exploration and bicycles were always inseparable. Now that I’m all grown up, I have to say [...]

  • New Family Travel Strategy

    In Colombia, I didn’t have the space to set myself up for making my travels, for really digging into a place, a culture. I did not set up any interviews, only went out into the streets with a particular mission but a few times. My bags were always packed in this country

  • Colombia Travel Expectations, Expect Only to Make Your Own Travels

    While it was not my intent, if someone were to read through the Colombia articles on vagabondjourney.com they may conclude that I did not really have a good time in this country. I write what I feel in the moment, and this is subject to change as each hour, day, or week passes. I enjoyed [...]

  • Travel Safety Hub Defined

    What is a traveler’s safety hub? CARTAGENA, Colombia- A safety hub is a place that a traveler has been to before where they know they can live well, cheap, make money, re-provision gear, and balance their affairs for the road ahead. It is a place where you know the lay of the land so well [...]

  • To Fly or Travel Overland from Colombia is Catch-22

    CARTAGENA, Colombia- I looked over a map of Latin America, plotted my position in Colombia, then looked for my next move. I would like to go to Mexico or Buenos Aires, but I have no exit strategy. I am going broke, I need to be in a place where my wife can teach English and [...]

  • How to Fully Enjoy Places When Traveling

    I am a manana traveler, I need to stay in each place two weeks to three months to enjoy it. The word, “manana,” which is Spanish for “tomorrow,” often has a cultural implication that goes far beyond its raw meaning in Latin America. In usage, when someone says they will do something “manana” they do [...]

  • Sport Methods for Long Term Travel

    Sport Methods for Long Term Travel Bicyclers peddle accross continents, kayaks paddle across seas, trekkers hike into the truly remote, and climbers tread into mountainous no-man’s-lands, and these activities are called sports. I call them methods of travel. Though I must admit that in practice there is a difference between the two, but if this difference was [...]