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Travel Safe

  • What to Do if you Are in an Earthquake

    The chances if being in a major earthquake when traveling are slim — so slim, in fact, that planning an itinerary to avoid earthquake hot spots is more than a touch overkill. In point, a traveler goes to many different locations on the planet, so will therefore travel through far more earthquake zones (such as the Ring [...]

  • Is it Safe to Travel in Serbia

    Serbia is a country in the the Balkans, in Eastern Europe. Serbia is generally a safe country to travel in. People are generally polite and friendly and willing to help tourists. That being said, here are some simple precautions and tips for keeping safe during your trip to Serbia. There is not too much violent [...]

  • How to Deal with Corrupt Police

    In travel, the police are rarely your friend. Unless using that fellow standing around with the gun and badge as a kiosk to ask directions from there is really no reason to ever initiate communication with the police when traveling. In Latin America, especially, the police are not your friend: stay away from them. On [...]

  • Traveling Safe is Like Crossing the Street

    CARTAGENA, Colombia- Crossing the street is the most dangerous thing a traveler can do. Forget thugs, cops, thieves, the military, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, meteorites, sharks, lepers, street mobs with sticks, dudes with mustaches, it is cars and trucks that are the biggest obstacle to safe travel. It is a good thing that most all travelers [...]

  • Is it Safe to Travel in South Korea?

    Is it safe to travel in South Korea? What are the dangers? What warnings should I know about? Find out here! This is a guide about travel warnings and how to stay safe in South Korea.

  • Is it Safe to Travel in Slovenia?

    Slovenia is a safe country for travelers. Use common sense, especially when out at night in bars or discos, be aware of your surroundings, watch your stuff, and be politely cautious around new friends.

  • Luggage Security in Bus and Train Stations and Airports

    This is a simple travel tip that can probably prevent a good percentage of bag theft. It is as simple as this: buckle your backpack to a solid object. Nearly all travel backpacks have straps, and they can be used for more than just strapping yourself in. They can be used to more fully secure [...]

  • Is it Safe to Travel in Paraguay?

    Paraguay has a bad rap on its security and level of safety.

  • Email and Credit Card Security when Traveling

    Preventing Theft of Email Passwords and Credit Card Numbers when Using Public Computers I remember sitting in a bar in Honduras with some tall blond girls from the Netherlands. They were very confused. Their credit card security had been compromised at some point during their trip through Central America, even though they were still in [...]

  • Is it Safe to Travel in Montenegro?

    Dangers and warnings for travelers in Montenegro Montenegro is generally a safe country. Though there is never any guarantee of safety anywhere in the world. Here are some hints about how to avoid potentially risky or dangerous situations in Montenegro: Be aware of your personal belongings, especially around the coast in popular tourist areas. Pickpockets [...]