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Travel Safe

  • Guy Leaves MacBook On Table In USA And …

    Standard operating procedures mean all the time, every time.

  • Reminder in Lima: Don’t Get Mugged

    A bungled beach-side night mugging serves as a valuable reminder not to become to comfortable and complacent while travelling alone.

  • Travel Safety: An Introduction

    The primer to a new series on travel safety, written by long-term travelers.

  • Bad Tripping: Minibus Madness

    The off-color guide to global public ground transportation.

  • How Do Travelers Not Get Killed?

    So how do travelers move through the world and stay alive too?

  • Travel Tip: Keep A Digital Copy Of Your Passport And Visas On Mobile Devices

    While it is often a better idea to not carry your passport around with you in the streets, always carry a copy on your mobile device.

  • How to Prevent Against Being Scammed When Traveling

    It is easy to be scammed when traveling. A good scam artist will know what you want in their country and how you want to be treated, then fill these two voids and take their commission. To prevent being taken in by scammers, first and foremost be aware of where you are and who you [...]

  • Top Travel Safety Tips

    Disaster often makes for good travel stories, but it’s not how many people wish to spend their vacations. By following the below tips you can be sure to subvert many of the most common problems and mishaps that befall international travelers. Don’t flash valuables Everybody says this, but still many don’t seem to get it. [...]

  • How to Prevent Against Being Pickpocketed

    Tips on how to prevent against being pickpocketed when traveling. How to keep from being a victim of petty. street crime abroad.

  • Backpack and Luggage Security in Hotels and Hostels

    There is no way to prevent theft when traveling, all you can do is try whatever you can within reason to deter it. By taking a few precautions to make yourself more difficult to steal from will often leave you unhampered as you move through the world. I’ve never had my luggage pilfered in a hotel or [...]