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Travel Resources

  • How To Find Cheap Airfare

    My strategy for getting through the pricing tiers, the hype, the misinformation, and the BS to find cheap airfare.

  • World Travel

    World travel is the general term used to describe the practice of traveling around the world going to various countries almost indiscriminately, often with the attempt of visiting them all. This is a page for other travelers to contribute information, opinions, and advice for what defines world travel. What follows are just my ideas, please [...]

  • Trusted Travel Resources

    This is a collection of links to the travel websites and blogs that Vagabondjourney.com recommends. Best Travel Blogs/ Travelogues/ Travel Journals Andy the Hobo Traveler– Among the best budget resources on the internet. The Travels of Loren Everly- The wanderings of another perpetual traveler who I hitchhiked across China from Mongolia with in the summer [...]