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Travel Psychology

  • Are We Not Nomads? Why We Have to Keep Moving

    What is that calling that tells us to keep moving?

  • Who Am I? What Becomes of Third Culture Kids

    Third Culture Kids and their search for identity.

  • Christmas Eve in Guatemala

    I’m used to spending holidays alone now. In fact, I’m used to being alone most of the time so this time is not any different from any other. Well, yes it is different in a few ways. For one thing, it was over 80 degrees today. Not bad for Christmas Eve weather. For another, I [...]

  • The Essential Need for Adventure

    “To find myself in something of that scale, almost unknown, was worth every drop of sweat, every public bus ride, every fly infested nowhere border town I have invested time in, ever. Dwarfed by lush green mountains rising up to 3000ft above us, we were drawn in ever deeper with a constant eye on the [...]

  • Psychology of Long Term Travel

    OAXACA, Mexico- The most difficult art of travel is perhaps nothing more than being able to move through places, cultures, and people in serial succession for many years on end and remain sane. Many travelers cannot handle this — they either go home or end up in India trying to convince you that their name [...]

  • Attachment Disorder for Traveling Kids

    Attachment Disorder for Traveling Child or Petra Becoming a Third Culture Kid OAXACA, Mexico- Petra sat on the floor of the apartment and whimpered, “Bubbie, bubbie, vroom, vroom, se fue,” with a frown on her face and a tear in her eye. It has been three days since her grandmother returned to Maine from her [...]