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Travel Problems

  • Jet Blue Flight from Rochester to JFK

    Jet Blue Flight from Rochester to JFKTwo women- mother and daughter- are sitting behind me on this Jet Blue flight to JFK. The mother is thin, around 40 years old, adorned in makeup and other beautifing elements, and was probably attractive at one time. The daughter is a little fat, barely 21, and has eyes [...]

  • Mexico City Airport Navigation

    Mexico City Airport NavigationOn my flight from JFK to San Jose, Costa Rica I had an overnight layover in Mexico City. From 11PM to 6AM I would be sitting in the airport with nowhere to go- there is no way that I would go into Mexico and pay for a hotel room for only a [...]

  • Vagabond Journey.com On Hold

    Vagabond Journey.com On HoldI was working diligently on the Vagabond Journey.com site one day when Mira walked up behind me, look over my shoulder at what I was doing, stood there for a moment thinking, and said something to the effect of:“You and your friends (meaning Andy, Nath, and Loren) spend a lot of time [...]

  • Shopping in the USA- The American Way

    Shopping in the USA- The American WayMore seems cheaper only because less is more expensive The less you buy of something in the USA the more it costs. This is against my logic but right in line with the “buy today, buy tomorrow” mentality of my people. Shopping in the USA is an exploit into [...]

  • Driving in France

    I have been driving a car in France for the past month. This was the first country outside of the USA that I ever had to drive in, and, I must say, it has been a learning experience. The car that I am driving here is a broken down Euro-edition Ford jaloppy that is falling [...]

  • Epidemic in France

    Epidemic in FranceAccording to the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the Fire Pig: a year for epidemics, famine, and plague. Right now in the South of France over a million people are in the hospital with a virus that has been spread around to almost every person in this region. The hospitals have [...]

  • France is Expensive

    France is ExpensiveFrance is Expensive. I have not yet been to a more costly country on the planet. I cannot comprehend how people can live here, let alone travel. I live and wander as a pauper who goes in the guise of a king. Here, I am only a pauper. . . like everybody else. [...]

  • Youth Hosteling International Rip-Off Stamp Cards

    Youth Hosteling International Rip-Off Stamp CardsYouth Hosteling International Rip-Off Stamp CardsI usually tend to steer clear of the squeaky clean, whitewashed, characterless hostels that are a part of the Youth Hosteling International chain. In many countries they are usually more expensive than ‘local’ alternatives and carry with them an entire slew of unnecessary rules and [...]

  • On Climbing a Cliff

    On Climbing a Cliff I went for a walk with Mira down to the sea near Milfontes, Portugal. Only my body moved towards the rolling waves, as my mind was still tangled in a web of thoughts about computers, writing, and irate university professors. When I looked up from my confusion to find Mira tenderly, [...]

  • Ryan Air or The Penny Flight that Wasn’t

    Ryan Air, or The Penny Flight that Wasn’t“I found a penny flight from Porto to Marseilles” Mira exclaimed.Our bike journey needs to be fast forwarded a little bit. I want to visit my dear friends in the south of France and Ubertramp and the Pogues in England. Mira wants to get back to Latin America [...]