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Travel Problems

  • Corrupt Police in Mexico

    Corrupt Police in MexicoSo Mira and I decided to walk the three kilometers back to El Panchan from the Palenque archaeology site in Southern Mexico rather than pay a dollar each to take a taxi van. It was a nice walk through some agricultural farm land in the jungle of Chiapas state. I was walking [...]

  • Don’t Buy from Buy.com

    I plunge into the paradox of how my computer can be both in stock and on back order.

  • Not Going to Belize

    Not Going to BelizeI am not going to Belize. Nope. I will not enter that country this time around. Why? Because it is expensive and I would have to pay $19 to leave the place. Charge me $19 to enter somewhere, and I may think about it, as I would be paying to get something [...]

  • Fired from Archaeology Job

    Fired from Archaeology JobI just got fired from my archaeology job in Nicaragua. I suspect that the grad student who I was to be working really does not have anything going on. This is my suspicion. Oh well. Mira received this email letting us know that our “help is appreciated but not needed.” —————————————————–The email:Hey [...]

  • Trouble at the Boarding House

    Trouble at the Boarding HouseI took a room in a Costa Rican boarding house that I can stay at whenever I am in Barva. I pay $6 a day for a bed and two huge, delicious Costa Rican meals cooked by a good ol Tica Momma. I am also not charged for the days when [...]

  • Tourism can be Watched on the TV Screen

    Tourism can be Watched on a Television Screen. My mother tried to teach me about tourist traps when I was a child. I do not think that I understood her lessons until last weekend. Costa Rica is a beautiful country. The hills are full of trees, birds, lizards, and small dirt roads perfect for tramping. [...]

  • Street Crime in Costa Rica

    Street Crime in Costa RicaIn Costa Rican cities all homes are barricaded with steel fences, all doors are perpetually locked, and external windows are criss-crossed with a menagerie of iron bars. The first time that I was in this country I was taken aback by the evident fear that Costa Ricans seem to have for [...]

  • Costa Rica Hotels Not Vagabond Friendly

    Costa Rica Hotels Not Vagabond Friendly.I am confused about the business sense of hotel owners in Costa Rica. It seems as if they want a relatively large amount of money ($15-$30) for crappy accommodation, and refuse to take a lesser amount than the price they first quote. I have never before been to a country [...]

  • Hate Mail From Morocco

    Hate Mail From MoroccoAndy the Hobo Traveler.com and I have an ongoing joke about all of the hate mail that he receives. We rather satiricly equate the volume of hate mail with the level of success that an internet writer achieves.Andy receives tons of hate mail= His site is very successful.I do not receive very [...]

  • Swiss Army Knife Stolen

    Swiss Army Knife StolenSomewhere between my Jet Blue flight out of Rochester, New York and landing in San Jose, Costa Rica on Mexicana Airlines my coveted Swiss army knife was stolen. This morning I went to get it out of my check-in bag,and it was gone. In its place was a ticket saying that the [...]