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Travel Preparation

  • Dream of Sailing Continues in Rio Dulce Caribbean

    Dream of Sailing Continues on the Rio Dulce, near Caribbean FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- The dream of sailing the world continues as I sit on the Rio Tatin, a tributary of the Rio Dulce, one of the most famous hideaways in the world for sailors. There are large sailboats everywhere, some of them are being sailed [...]

  • Travel the World on Bank Interest Payments

    There are many different strategies for coming up with money while traveling: you can save up a lot of money and then not have to worry about working for a long time, you can pick up work here and there, you can start a location independent business, you can be a migrant vendor — though [...]

  • How to Prepare for Crossing Borders

    Question: What is your strategy for crossing borders when on a long overland journey? Do you have a set procedure that you follow? Any tips? Suggestions for crossing land borders? Dave’s response: My biggest strategy would be to map it out. Mark your starting destination, and then your end destination. Work out two routes from [...]

  • Minimalist Travel Packing

    FINCA TATIN, jungle, Guatemala- What a person needs to travel is slim, travel gear is often the last thing a traveler really requires. Two articles of clothing for the bottom half of your body, two for the top, two sets of undergarments, a pair of boots, sandals perhaps, a toothbrush, a bag to throw it [...]

  • Thailand Travel Warnings

    Thailand Travel Warnings Do people really believe that they should not go to Thailand because of the travel warnings which say that it is a dangerous place? Because the televisions show people protesting and battling government troops? Apparently, yes, tourism has been dropping drastically since 2008, since the recent wave of color coded political problems [...]

  • How to Begin Traveling Guide

    . . . while reading along this site I am so inspired to travel. I dont really know where to go, and while I am there how to survive regarding money and backpacking. What would be my first step? Hello Ashton, Deciding that you really want to travel is the first step — and is [...]

  • How to Pack for a Baby to Travel

    “5 pairs of pants, 8 little onezi t-shirts, a cold weather hat, a sun hat that fits her right now, a sun hat that is too big for her now but she will grow into, 4 pairs of one piece pajamas, at least 2 jackets or sweaters, maybe I will take a third one, 2 [...]

  • How to Pack for Long Term Travel Tip

    What you need to travel the world.

  • How to Find Travel Information

    I was asked tonight over dinner what the condition in the Dominican Republic is like subsequent to the earthquake in Haiti. “I don’t know,” I replied, “it is difficult to trust the news to give a real impression of a place. ——————— Wade from www.VagabondJourney.com Bangor, Maine, USA January 29, 2009 Buy Travel Gear | [...]

  • Wiki Vagabond Travel Guide

    Wiki Vagabond Launched — “The Teutonic tramp does not wander at random through the lands of which his knowledge is chaotic or nil. He profits by the experience of his fellow-ramblers. If he covers an unknown route, he returns with a notebook full of information for his fellows. Thanks to this method, the German beggar [...]