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Travel Preparation

  • 5 Things You Need To Do Before You Travel Traveler on mountain

    This is what you need to do to leave the sedentary life behind.

  • Packing for Travel? Do a Dry Run

    How to avoid one of travel’s biggest pitfalls: overpacking.

  • The Long Road to Pakistan Part 1 hcmc market

    The making of a traveler.

  • The Traveler’s Plot Line: How To Make Your Travels Interesting

    To make the most of travel be sure to have a plot.

  • How to Engage and Appreciate All Places When Traveling

    “Shanghai is just another city that’s exactly like every other city. All there is here is shopping,” spoke a Dutch student at a hostel in Shanghai. His compatriot, who was sitting nearby, nodded and agreed. I stumbled on my rebuttal, choked on my words, and shut up: if these two guys could not find the [...]

  • Buy Clothing and Personal Apparel Before Traveling to Places Where the People Don’t Look Like You

    The differences in the human body between cultures are very subtle, but these small differences can mean a lot when it comes to clothing or other personal apparel, such as eyeglasses. I generally advise travelers to not worry too much about packing before going abroad, as in these days of globalization you can pretty much [...]

  • Exiting Reykjavik by Bicycle

    Leaving Reykjavik by bicycle REYKJAVIK, Iceland — “The roads are not made for cyclists,” I was told by the motorcycle traveler Troy Rank, a fellow traveler from my home city of Rochester, New York who’d just rode a motorcycle around Iceland. “The wind is nuts. We were out there near Vik, and the wind was [...]

  • Choosing Next Travel Destination Strategy

    You vote, we go.

  • How to Live the Traveler Life

    ZIPOLITE, Mexico- I just received a question from a Brazilian reader named Yuri that truly hits on some key points of living the traveler live. Yuri, who is now 19 years old, says that he is getting ready to jump into travel by hitchhiking up into Central Brazil and then keep going north indefinitely. Before [...]

  • Dolly Cart to Transport Travel Gear

    Dolly Cart Long Term Travel Gear I was smacked in the face by the realization that I no longer travel to see places but travel to live places. There is a big difference. My family now makes temporary homes in serial succession as we trod a slow path around the world, and our travel gear [...]