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Making Active Income With A Website

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    To travel the world off the earnings from a website was my goal way back in 2005. It was a goal that I was able to achieve, although it took five years to get there. Now, Vagabond Journey is an aged, mature site — like cheese or fine wine, sites like this will become more valuable over time. I have so many streams of revenue coming in from this site that it’s sometimes difficult to maintain — or even keep track of — them all. VBJ made me over $25,000 last year. That’s enough to travel the world on without needing supplemental sources of income.

    While much of the earnings from a website would be categorized as passive income — you publish pages and they make money for you in perpetuity without needing to do anything — some types of earnings are decidedly active, such as one-off ad deals or other opportunities. In this thread I’m going to focus on this type of revenue generation.


    I’m really interested in how you make money off your site. It was something I tried, but lost interest in. Probably because I never made any real money.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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