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Compiling Map Of Best Places In The World To Work

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    I’m putting together a map of the best places in the world to work. I know that this is a highly varied endeavor, but the goal of it is to provide a general outline of what regions of the planet to shoot for when you get low on cash.

    I’m going to divide the map into five color coordinated sections:

    1. The best places in the world for a foreigner to work, where it is easy to find work and the pay/ living expense ratio allows for optimum saving.
    2. Places where work is readily available but the living expense to earning ratio is high.

    3. Places where work is readily available but the wages are almost too low to make it worthwhile.

    4. Places where it’s possible to work but it’s not incredibly easy to find or work visas are difficult (or impossible) to get.

    5. Bad countries for travelers to find work.

    As far as this scale goes, I would rate China/ Japan/ Korea/ Turkey/ Morocco/ Mexico City/ Oman/ Gulf States as being in the first category; maybe the UK/ Canada/ Chile in the second; the rest of Mexico/ SE Asia/ Central America in the third; the USA/ W. Europe/Australia in the forth; and maybe regions like W. Africa or India in the fifth.

    I’m not so sure. This is a big project and I need help.

    There is also a conflict with making this map as far as the citizen/ foreigner dichotomy. For example: the USA is a number 1 level place for Americans to find work and save money, but it’s definitely a number 4 for people who are not from there. The same goes for Western Europe. So for the first rendition of this map lets only make it for foreign travelers everywhere.

    So if you’ve ever worked abroad or you have a little knowledge in this regard, please help in the replies below. Just make a list of the countries that you’re familiar with and put a number from above next to them. I will average and combine this input together and make the map.



    This is my take on the countries that I’m familiar with. Feel free to offer suggestions, and please contribute here. Thanks!

    Albania 1
    Argentina 1
    Belize 2 ?
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 3
    Canada 4
    Chile 2
    China 1
    Colombia 1
    Costa Rica 1
    Croatia 1
    Czech Republic 4
    Dominican Republic 3
    Ecuador 3
    Egypt 1
    El Salvador 3
    England 2
    France 4
    Greece 4
    Guatemala 3
    Haiti 5
    Honduras 3
    Hong Kong 1
    Hungary 4
    Iceland 4
    India 5
    Iraq 1
    Ireland 2
    Israel 1
    Japan 1
    Jordan 1
    Laos 3
    Macau 1
    Mexico 1/ 3
    Mongolia 1
    Montenegro 2
    Morocco 1
    Nepal 3
    Nicaragua 3
    Panama 1
    Peru 3
    Portugal 4
    Serbia 1
    Spain 2
    Slovakia 1
    Syria 1
    Taiwan 1
    Thailand 3
    Turkey 1
    Uruguay 1
    USA 4
    Vietnam 3


    Maybe No 2 needs to be changed a bit. Maybe add on limited opportunity for savings? Thailand, from personal experience, would fit into that definition. Forget optimum savings from English teaching there, but the pay is good enough to live ok and if you want to you can save some, unless you are into the bar scene.

    Maybe for #5 add an example of what you mean by bad.


    Now my personal experience:

    Thailand 2 *

    Korea 1

    China 1/2

    Malaysia 2

    Philippines 3

    Mexico 2

    Honduras 3

    Cambodia 2/3





    Good call. Combining 2 and 3 into a category called limited opportunity for savings would be good.

    So the new categories will look something like this:

    1. Good — Work is readily available that can lead to living well and building savings.

    2. Moderate — Work is available but due to high cost of living or low wages the potential for saving much money is limited

    3. Places where it’s possible to work but it’s not incredibly easy to find or work visas are difficult (or impossible) to get.

    4. Work for travelers is not readily available or the pay tends to be incredibly low or, in some cases, nonexistent (such as countries that attract armies of volunteers).


    I think that’s a perfect categorization, easy to understand.


    My updated list with the new categories:
    Thailand 2
    Korea 1
    China 1
    Malaysia 2
    Philippines 4
    Mexico 2
    Honduras 4
    Cambodia 2


    That looks good, Jack. I will compile this into the map. Thanks!


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