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Travel Inspiration

  • The Easy Way

    How to get what you want.

  • How Do You Know If Travel Is What You Want To Do With Your Life

    How I figured out that perpetual travel was what I wanted to do.

  • Becoming Unstuck To Travel The World

    Want to travel perpetually? Just go do it. Waiting for the right time is to wait forever.

  • A Little Story

    Naturally, I’m “chomping at the bits” to get going even when I’m suffering from stomach clinching nervousness. I keep feeding this stew of contradiction by reading travel blogs about round-the-world travel. Some things I find on them are informative, some are funny, and then there are some that are like reading a menu at McDonald’s. [...]

  • The Anatomy of Dreams

    The Anatomy of Dreams, Traveling, the Benefits, Weaknesses of Dreaming The human mind seems incapable of sitting still, we need to keep moving, our hands feel like awkward appendages if not kept moving, our wheels must keep spinning. When our minds come too close to perilous stand still, humans seem to come with a built [...]

  • Vagabond Journey to Become Geographic eMagazine

    Vagabond Journey Travel to Geographic The way it seems to me there are two ways towards publishing success: 1. You do the same thing as that everyone else is trying to do, put it in a posh package, either do it better or get the most friends to say that you do it better — [...]

  • Map Gazing

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- The following maps represent the countries of the world where Chaya, Petra, and myself have so far set foot in. It is a joyful preoccupation to sit back and gaze into maps, daydreaming about the road by which I had come, and to ponder about which roads I have yet to take. [...]

  • Consistent Life Good for Baby Good for Travelers

    I am a traveler, my life is remarkably consistent. It is the landscape that changes before me — like different movies being projected before a theater — but the semantics of my days are remarkable routine. I sit back and watch the world move before me. Traveling has become as normal as white rice. Staying [...]

  • The Joys of Traveling

    Joys of Traveling, Benefits of Daydreaming — I am an inveterate daydreamer. My grade school teachers could not figure out how to make me stop daydreaming and do the dittos and complete the busy work that they deemed I should be doing. They told my parents on me. They would tell me to stop daydreaming [...]

  • In Search of Harry A Franck

    I am standing in New Jersey on the brink of a new year — on the brink of 2010, on the brink of the 100th year anniversary of the publication of Harry A. Franck’s first book, A Vagabond Journey Around the World: the namesake of VagabondJourney.com. Harry A Franck Homepage A mere 8 months into [...]