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  • How to Marry a UK Citizen and Get an EU Passport

    If I marry a British citizen can I get an EU passport and open a business in France? Yes, if you’re an EU citizen you can set up business in any other EU country. EU citizen can stay for as long as they want in any other EU country. To get married to a UK [...]

  • How to Get A European Self-Employment Residency Permit

    How can I get European self-employment residency permit? Although most of the countries in Europe are part of larger political/ immigration federations (such as the EU and Schengen) residency of foreign nationals is still a matter of each individual country’s jurisdiction. Likewise, the difficulty scale of obtaining residency between each country varies: some are vastly easier [...]

  • Hotel Check In for Guests Under 21 Years of Age

    Can my 20 year old grandson check into a hotel in New York City? Many hotels have policies that prohibit people under 21 years of age from booking a room and checking in, and, in some states, this is mandated by law. But the real question is whether or not these rules exist and/ or [...]

  • Deportation for Schengen Visa Overstay

    Do you get deported for overstaying a Schengen visa in Sweden? Deportations for overstaying a Schengen visa is incredibly rare. Nobody is coming after you. When you leave the Schengen region there is a good chance that you are going to be taken aside, given some forms to sign, and then be banned from re-entering [...]

  • Is Backpack Sizing Important for Travel?

    Should I worry about the manufacturer’s sizing recommendations when purchasing a backpack for travel? Unless you are planning on going on long hikes, multi-day treks, or generally wearing the backpack regularly for hours and hours on end, I wouldn’t worry too much about the bags exact sizing. I would recommend trying the backpack on to [...]

  • Travel to Ireland After a Visa Overstay in the UK

    Can my fiancé travel to Ireland after overstaying a visa in the UK? Hello Sofinia, Ultimately, immigration can reject a prospective traveler for any reason at all, or a lack thereof — and Irish immigration is becoming relatively strict. But, while a previous visa overstay can be used by pretty much any country to deny [...]

  • Illegal Entry to Europe Without Visa

    Entry to Europe for South African without a Visa Question: Hey Wade! I’ve read through everything online I can, so I hope you can help! I’m south African, and I have an irish spouse. We are crewing on a yacht thats sailing from England to Italy. I thought I didn’t need a visa because I [...]

  • How to Travel in Europe Extremely Cheap

    Yes, I know this challenge well: how to travel across one of the most expensive regions in the world on what, relatively speaking, constitutes pocket change. It is possible, in fact an ingenuitive traveler can move across Europe just as cheap — or even cheaper — than most anywhere else in the world. When I [...]

  • Long Term Business Visa for Europe – Circulation Visa

    Is there a long term business visa for Europe’s Schengen zone? Hello, Thank you very much for the donation! To start with, unless you have a European company that is willing to sponsor you going to the consulate and getting a longer term visa is a pipe dream. Many try, and I have not yet [...]

  • Passport Expires Before Visa

    My passport is only good for four months after my arrival date and my visa will be good after it expires. How can I keep using my visa after getting a new passport? Hello, To answer your question directly, no, you cannot enter Switzerland before your visa is good. [adsense]To provide a more implicitly response [...]