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Travel Gear Repair

  • Home Computer Repair is Possible and Cheaper

    Yes, you can fix it yourself.

  • Asus Eee PC Motherboard Problem

    SAN CRISTOBAL de las CASAS, Mexico- The plump Mexican tech guy threw his arms up into the air upon seeing me walk into his shop: Your computer is dead. The tech guy thus officially delivered the news that I had already known prior to bringing my Asus Eee PC into his computer repair shop for [...]

  • What Electronics are Needed for Business Travel

    What you really need for this job.

  • Useful Free Travel Apps for Smart Phone

    Useful and free.

  • How to Repair a Laptop Computer Cord

    How to repair a laptop computer cord — A Vagabond Journey Travel Tip Traveling with gear invariably means fixing gear. Traveling with a computer invariably means that you will someday be faced with an ill functioning laptop with nobody to save it but yourself. This is an entry about how to fix a laptop cord [...]

  • Computer Cord Malfunction

    Computer Cord MalfunctionIt is usually the small, insignificant seeming things that create big problems. The Discovery space shuttle was blown apart because of a faulty O-ring, my main computer could not make this journey because the plug receiver was loose.Now I am again almost out of commission: my laptop cord has bitten the dust.—————————- Wade [...]

  • Asus Eee PC 12 gig XP Gift

    Asus Eee PC 12 gig XP GiftUpon airing my new-found computer woes on this this travelogue – One Week Two Laptops Broken – a friend that I met in Guatemala through the Hobotraveler named Chris came to the rescue.Chris said that he was moving to Panajachal on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala and that he no [...]