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Travel Economics

  • Euro Drops Against Dollar Travel To Europe Now

    Euro Drops Against Dollar Go to Europe Now When a country’s currency drops against your own or is devalued, the country often becomes cheaper for you to travel in — the country goes on sale. Travel Tip: Watch currency rates for cheap travel I read this morning that the Euro had hit a four year [...]

  • How to Travel Long Term- Make Homes

    Long Term Travelers Make Homes Around the World SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- It is my impression that it is the goal of the long term traveler to make almost every place they go into a home. My home is the world, I can go anywhere and provision myself with the amenities and comforts of a home [...]

  • The Economic Impacts of Tourism

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- A major attribute of a rising tourist town is that the overhead for running a business often rises to the point where the only people able to afford it are those raking in money from the tourists. In this way, tourism is a self-feeding industry: the more money that comes into a [...]

  • Monetization Strategy for a Successful Website

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- I have a friend who tells me that the definition of insanity is a person who does the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. I think she may have been trying to tell me something.

    I feel as if I meet this definition precisely as I go into my third year of trying to monetize Vagabondjourney.com to the point that I can make a complete living from it.

  • Different Travel Strategies Different Countries

    If you are going to “do” a country, be sure to do it right. From my figures, a traveler only needs three things: transportation, shelter, and sustenance (food and water). Acquiring these resources requires a different strategy for each region of the world. To travel cheaply I know that I need to match my travel [...]

  • Pennies a Day Travel Saving Strategy

    The Pennies a Day Method of Saving Travel funds — Do you have pocket change? Then you can travel. Much of the information on Vagabond Journey.com is geared towards the traveling lifestyle. I know that any sort of lifestyle requires sacrifices that not every person is willing to make. Many of the how to save [...]

  • Trusted Travel Gear Shop in Business

    Selling travel gear on Vagabond Journey.com– “Things like this take time,” my coworker on the farm, J, reassured me one day. We were pulling weeds from the pepper plants and I was griping about the fact that I had put up a travel gear shop online full of the items that I travel with, and [...]

  • Anatomy of Adventure

    Perhaps quality of life is not measured by how much money you can make, but by how little money you can spend. I wrote this a week ago at the beginning of another travelogue entry. I thought it sounded pretty good . . . So I wrote it again, to start off in a new [...]

  • Live in your Car to Save Travel Funds

    Sleep in Car to Save Money to Travel — This entry is a part of a series about how to make and save money to travel. How to make money for traveling When saving for travel, I know that I need to cut down on all expenses; I know that I need to live as [...]