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Travel Economics

  • Affording Airfare Is What Makes Family Travel Difficult

    We can travel the world perpetually, but can’t afford to visit home.

  • On Being Dead In Ürgüp, or How I Survived Abroad Without Money

    What would you do if you were traveling in a foreign country and all of a sudden had all of your money taken from you?

  • Cost of Travel in Colombia is More Expensive

    On that great sucking sound coming from my pocket.

  • Argentine Travelers as Economic Refugees

    CARTAGENA, Colombia- “I ran away from my country,” an Argentinian traveler spoke. His name was Alfredo, and he just opened up a little juice bar/ restaurant next to the Hotel Marlin in Cartagena. Like thousands of other travelers from his country, he came up to the northern stretches of Latin America, working when he can [...]

  • Exit Fees – Another Travel Expense

    Country exit fees – What am I paying for? Perhaps one of the most onerous onslaughts against the modern traveler is governments and airports charging fees to exit a country. These taxes often jump up on a traveler by surprise, and many people have been stuck in no man’s land with their jaws hanging, as [...]

  • Bank and ATM Fees for International Travel

    New Bank and ATM Fees Imposed on International Withdrawals ATM fees were once a hassle that was only reserved for when I would visit my home country, the USA. I could once travel the world over and not worry about ever paying an ATM fee — those little machines just ate and then spat back [...]

  • Tourist Visa Fees On the Rise

    Tourist visa fees on the rise all over the world, travel becomes more costly as the world comes together Visa fees are on the rise all over the world. It is a normal way of course for prices to go up as time goes on, and I know that I cannot strive for the same [...]

  • 230 Dollar a Month Hotel Room in Mexico

    SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- My family and I took a private room at the Casa Madero in San Cristobal de las Casa, Mexico which meets all of our criteria for a travel room to rent by the month. Read Digital Nomad Family Criteria for Hotel Room We pay $230 for a private room [...]

  • Flores to Palenque by Bus

    Bus options from Flores, Guatemala to Palenque, Mexico FLORES, Guatemala- Generally speaking, an international bus or train service — as in a direct line of transportation across a border — is going to cost a traveler more money than traveling to the border, walking across, and picking up transport on the other side. This is [...]

  • Is Cruising Around the World Too Expensive?

    Sailing and living on a boat used to be a cheap way to travel the world. Has this changed?